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Financial Problem Solution Astrology

Your Best Financial Problem Solution Astrology

Good management of money and accumulated wealth is termed as finances. Finances can provide you the status and recognition in society and help you to meet your basic and desired bills too. Your needs get fulfilled by good finances only. So with the help of finance, you can easily exchange the resources. To make your life luxurious and full of comforts, good finances or wealth is required. Many are there holding a good amount of wealth but unable to manage the liquidity of cash or unnecessary expenditures, so it also becomes now an art to manage your assets, money, or any kind of valuable resources for a longer period of time. On the contrary, if any time you are unable to meet your basic bills, then a financial crisis comes into play. That means problems related to your finances start triggering your pockets. Helping you with these issues, multiple ways are defined in Vedic Astrology based on the study of planets and analysis of a birth chart. 

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What Is Financial Problem?

The financial problem occurs when the native is unable to pay his bills on time or cannot afford basic service on time. Anyone is unable to exchange the resources on time or doesn’t hold a good amount of wealth to keep himself wealthy or rich in lifespan, then it gives rise to financial problems. Many times, people have lots of assets, property, or land but do not hold a good inflow of cash, which also results in financial problems. Now to overcome these issues, a solution is defined in Vedic Astrology termed as a financial problem solution. 

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Responsible Factors For The Finances In Vedic Astrology

Multiple factors are responsible to give rise to the financial issues in one’s life in Vedic Astrology such as:

  • The bad placement of Venus, the natural lord of wealth and finances, gives rise to the issues related to finances. Venus is the lord of luxury & comforts and all kind of materialistic gain, so any time if it is afflicted by the malefic planets in one’s horoscope, it gives financial problems in one’s life
  • The condition of the 2nd house and the placement of its lord are also responsible factors for finances. If the lord is badly placed such as in Dusthana houses (6th, 8th & 12th ), then it makes one finances vulnerable. 
  • The placement of Jupiter also plays an important role in determining the good finances in one’s horoscope as it is also the Karak planet for the 2nd house of finance in Vedic Astrology. 
  • Increased debts can cause financial issues. So it is seen through the birth chart, whether any debt will be suitable for you or take you into trouble. 
  • Less income is another reason for a financial crisis, for that, the 11th house of income & its lord’s placement in the birth chart is seen to check the income & growth
  • Unemployment causes a financial crisis, so astrologically; it can be easily determined how long you will be unemployed so that you can manage your finances well. The condition of the 10th house of career and its lord’s placement is important to determine the employment in one’s life. 
  • Anytime the 2nd house of finance or its lord forms the relation with the 6th, 8th, or 12th house, then the financial problem arises. 
  • Anytime the 2nd house of finance and its lord is forming any relation then it gives rise to unnecessary expenditures and accumulated assets will start decreasing too. 

Likewise, the many different responsible factors are there in Vedic Astrology to determine the finances in one’s horoscope. 

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Do You Have Any Yoga To Become Rich?

According to astrology, it is important to see first whether anyone has the yoga to become rich or affluent in his/her lifespan, then only he/she can cherish the luxurious lifestyle. Anytime afflicted 2nd house of finances gives rise to the financial problem, but if the factors representing the good finances in one’s horoscope are well placed then he/she will enjoy the lavish lifestyle at one point of time certainly. 

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How Astrology Can Improve Your Finances Or Bank Balance?

In astrology, the birth chart is analyzed thoroughly, and based on the planetary alignments or constellations in one’s horoscope, prediction is given. Apart from it, the current running Mahadasha or Antardasha also plays an important role in determining the actual or current status of finances in one’s life. Current planetary transits are also seen to provide you the good or bad gains as per the planetary placement in your actual birth chart. 

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 Effective Astrological Remedies For Financial Problems

There are numerous astrological remedies are defined to resolve the financial issues in one’s life. These remedies are recommended based on the study of the natal chart of an individual. These are:

  • A suitable gemstone is recommended as per the birth chart, which would help one to improve his finances by strengthening the power of a particular planet pertaining to that gemstone. We offer a Gemstone Recommendation Of Finance report to help you with the suitable gemstone to increase your finances. You can buy our opal gemstone too as it is a natural significator of wealth & money representing Goddess Lakshmi. 
  • The suitable Puja is recommended as per the current planetary period to enhance the fruitful results of that undergoing Mahadasha. We offer you the Puja For Wealth performed by erudite pundits to increase the accumulated wealth. 
  • Mantras are there to be recited in order to reduce the ill effects of undergoing Mahadasha if any, and help you to receive the positive vibes all around.
  • The suitable Siddha Yantras are there, which helps one to increase his/her finances or wealth by reducing the losses, such as Sampoorn MahaLakshmi Yantra, Kuber Locket etc. Get all these from our webstore with certification.
  • The suitable energized rudraksha helps one to improve finances with the blessings of Lord Shiva. Buy our energized 6 (Chah) Mukhi Rudraksha to improve your finances. 

Likewise, there are numerous remedies are defined in Vedic Astrology to improve the financial condition by reducing the ill effects of malefic planets. It all can be recommended based on suitability as per your birth chart.

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