Published On : December 18, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis

Gautam Adani: Indian Billionaire Industrialist

Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis: Gautam Adani, Popular Indian Industrialists & Philanthropist, is a founder of Adani group and current president of Adani Foundation. Adani founded Adani group in 1988 in numerous diversified fields. Adani was the 2nd wealthiest man in Asia and 13th richest man in the world according to Forbes in June 2021. But his shares started decreasing suddenly from June and he lost this title of the 2nd richest man in Asia.

Know Gautam Adani’s Life Journey Explained Astrologically

In keeping with Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis, We have prepared the birth chart for you to understand the concept of astrology and how Adani became the successful industrialists in India. This all will be explained with the help of astrological parameters:

Birth Chart

Date Of Birth June 24, 1962

Time Of Birth : 5:24 AM

Place Of Birth: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

What Gautam Adani’s Natal Chart Reveals About His Personality?

Gautam Adani Horoscope

In Consonance with Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis,  Gemini ascendant is rising in his horoscope ruled by the planet Mercury positioned in your 12th house of foreign land & expenditures. This indicates that he will have lots of gains through foreign associations in his life. Being ruled by the planet Mercury, he is very good analyzer, observer and intellectual individual. Mercury also makes him very communicative and jolly in nature. Mercury helps him to provide him ideas related to business and new innovation in different diversified fields. It is the role of Mercury that he’s been into different diversified field and getting lots of benefits through foreign associations. Sun is placed in his ascendant, which makes him very courageous, born leader and adventurous individual too. He is profit oriented person and always becomes very passionate for his business. As Stated by Gautam Adani Astrological Analysis, He has strong vision and can analyze things proactively in his life. Talking about his Moon sign, he has Aquarius Moon sign, which indicates that he will be very mature, fortunate and responsible individual. In the manner of Gautam Adani Astrological Analysis, He will have the support of his parents in his life. He is very optimistic and has stability of thoughts in his life. Moon is getting conjunct with Jupiter, which makes him philanthropist too. Choose our Personal Astrology Services, compact and affordable to help you meet right solutions in life.

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Gautam Adani’s Life Journey Emerging As Industrialist

Conforming to Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis, Adani was born under Mahadasha of Jupiter lasting till November 1971 and it was good period as Jupiter is Kendra lord and placed well in 9th house of luck. It indicates that he had good support from his parents especially from his father in his life. As he was undergoing with the Jupiter period placed in 9th house of long journeys, so his parents migrated from town to northern part of Gujarat after his birth. Let’s Discuss about Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis, Later, he got entered into Saturn Mahadasha which had lasted till Nov 1990. Meanwhile he did his schooling from Sheth Chimanlal Nagindas Vidyalaya from Ahmedabad and did graduation in Commerce from Gujarat University. But he dropped his college as we can see his lord of education Venus is getting afflicted by multiple malefic planets, so he dropped his education and found his interest in business. In 1978, when he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Saturn and Antardasha of Venus, he went to Mumbai to work as diamond sorter. Taking into consideration Gautam Adani Astrological Analysis, Now Diamond is hidden treasure and indicated by 8th house, and Saturn is placed in 8th house and Venus represents luxury items jewelry in Astrology, thus, he somehow got indulged in such work in this period. In 1981, he was undergoing with the antardasha of Sun under Saturn Mahadasha, his brother invited him to see the operation of plastic (PVC) imports, it is due to Sun is the ruler of 3rd house of siblings and he has the gains from his siblings in his life. Later in 1985, he had small scale industries and in 1988 during Jupiter Antardasha under Saturn Mahadasha, he founded Adani group. According to Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis, This is how he entered in business world. Get Remedial Solution For Career report and solve your career problems.

Gautam Adani’s Honours & Awards Explained Astrologically

As Per Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis, In 1995, he got the big contract by Government of Gujarat, as he had already entered into Mercury Mahadasha, which is a strong planet for him as it is his ascendant lord too. In 1995, he was undergoing with Venus Antardasha under Mercury Mahadasha, which is again good planetary combination for him and provided him a great success.

On the basis of Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis, In May 2020, Adani won the world’s largest solar bid by SECI. At that time, he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Venus and Antardasha of Moon, Venus being trikone lord placed in 2nd house and Moon being 2nd house of wealth placed in 9th house of fortune made him successful in this business deal.

As specified by Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis, In the same antardasha of Moon under Venus Mahadasha, he acquired 74% stake in Mumbai International Airport, India’s second busiest Airport.

What Gautam Adani’s Personal Life Has In Fold?

With the help of Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis,, the 7th house of marriage & partnership is ruled by the planet Jupiter positioned in his 9th house of luck & fortune, which indicates that his life partner will come up with the luck & fortune for him. He will have very mature, responsible and optimistic partner. His partner will be highly learned and fond of long distance journeys too in life. On the strength of Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis, When he was undergoing with the Mahadahsa of Saturn and Antardasha of Rahu in 1987, his child was born. Rahu is placed with Venus in 2nd house of family, so it helped to expansion of family in this period. According to his birth chart, his children came up with lots of gains in his life too.

What Gautam Adani’s Horoscope Holds For His Future?

According to Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis, he has the strong horoscope as multiple beneficial Yogas are getting formed in his horoscope, which makes him rise year on year. With his determination and courage, he paved the way for his success in business world. Saturn is transiting through 12th from his Natal Moon, thus he is undergoing with the Saturn Sade Sati from 2020, but the Sade Sati is good for him and will provide him good gains in research based works, manufacturing, mining, related works. As Believed by Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis, He will do well in business during this Sade Sati as Moon is in Aquarius sign which is the sign of Saturn, so it will harm this sign much. In Compliance with Gautam Adani Astrological Analysis, He may also come up with many new ideas during this transit with regards to work & profession. However, he is advised to always analyze clearly things before making any investment at larger scale. Rest all the things are fine in his horoscope and he will have continuous success and growth in his life. Depending on Gautam Adani Horoscope Analysis, Keep on helping the needy ones through your charitable and philanthropical deeds. Want to get success in finance? Our Finance Astrology Services can provide you the solutions you seek.

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“We wish him a good luck for his success in business and keep on inspiring others with your good works!”

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