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Learn Astrology About Sun

Get Detailed Information About Planet Sun

In previous lessons, you have learnt the basics of Astrology pertaining to its terminologies and some other basic facts. Here we will discuss about the medium level including the study of planets, how these planets work in Vedic Astrology, and what are the significations? We will use the basics too what we have learnt so far from this medium level, so are you ready for medium level of Astrology? Let’s start with planets and its importance with significations:

What Are The Planets And How It Works In Astrology?

As per Astronomy, multiple planets revolve around the Sun as Sun is considered to be the center of all. All these planets are revolving around it in certain systematic order as per the closeness from Sun. Thus, the closest planet to Sun is Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn respectively. Our mother earth revolves around the Sun in approx 365 days. Likewise, other planets have their own time duration to complete one cycle revolving around Sun. These planets affects each other due to their presence as per Astronomy, any movement also causes certain changes or impacts. However, if you go in depth into Vedic Astrology, then you need to take earth as a center instead of Sun, and take all the planetary movements with respect to earth. This way, every movement of planet will affect the planet earth and hence the life on earth will also be affected this way. In Astrology, the significance of planets is different. Therefore, here the luminaries Sun & Moon are also considered as planets. The north node and south node of the Moon i.e. Rahu & Ketu are also considered as separate planets. Thus, the names of 9 planets in Astrology are : Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu, so we will see below one by one all these planets & its importance with significance:

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Learn Astrology – About Planet Sun: Sun is almighty among all the planets and considered to be the soul of natural Kaal Purush Kundali and rules naturally the 5th house of the horoscope. It is King of celestial cabinet and is dry, hot and masculine planet in Astrology. Sun is also a significator of authority, father and government too in one’s horoscope. Sun is fiery in nature and gives us force, determination and power in life. Orange/Safforn colour is represented by Sun and governs the eastern direction.
Life on earth can never be imagined without Planet Sun. All the living beings are totally dependent upon the power of Sun in Vedic Astrology. The change in season also causes due to Sun’s influence on earth. Is love life under problems? Our Love Problem Solution Astrologer can provide you meaningful solution for the same.

Worshiping Of Sun

We keep on worshiping this powerful planet from ancient era. As Sun is associated with Lord Surya in Hinduism, so Hindu people across the globe use to worship Sun as “Devta” and due to Sun’s movement in the sky, many festivals are also celebrated such as Sankrantis, Chhatt Puja in Bihar and Samba Dasami in Odisha. This way, you can understand how much Sun plays pivotal role and why It is widely worshiped in Hindu Culture.

According to Hinduism, when Sun enters from one zodiac sign to another zodiac sign, it will be an auspicious event and celebrated as Makar Sankranti. It will also be good time to perform any religious deed as well.

One Solar Month

Sun never gets retrograde like other planets and is the powerful luminary. When Sun remains in one zodiac sign, it will be considered as one solar month. So as per this rule, Sun remains in one zodiac sign for 30 days or approx, and we all know we have 30 to 31 days in our month. Thus this concept is based on the transit of Sun in the universe.

Significance Of Planet Sun In Vedic Astrology

Find below the different significations of planet Sun in Vedic Astrology. For your convenience, we have summarized it in points:

Represents: Sun represents Lord Brahma
Nature: Fiery & Hot
Season – Grishma (Summer-June & July)
Time duration to complete one cycle of zodiac: Twelve Months
Orbit Time in one zodiac sign by Sun: One Month
Zodiac Sign ruled by Sun: Leo
Constellations Ruled by Sun– Kritika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttarasadhha
Exaltation Sign: 10 Degree in Aries
Debilitation– 10 Degree in Libra
Mooltrikone Sign – 20 degree of Leo
Vimshottari Mahadasha or Periodic Cycle of Sun– 6 Years

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What Sun Signifies Naturally In Horoscope?

Represents – Father, King, Authority and Government
Nature – Dominant, authoritative and argumentative
Friendly planets – Moon, Mars and Jupiter
Inimical planets – Venus and Saturn
Neutral planet – Mercury
Favourable Placement of Sun in Horoscope signifies– Courage, power, confidence and politics
Unfavourable positioning of Sun signifies– Egoistic behaviour, Low Confidence, Arrogance and Jealousy

What Are The Products Ruled By Sun?
Product ruled by Sun: Sun rules over wheat, almonds, coconut, rice, groundnut, chilies, lavender, saffron, gur, pungent taste juice, orange, asafetida, cardamoms, poison, laurel, vermin, cedar, marigold, pod grains
Taste of the Sun – Pungent

Places Signified By Sun In Vedic Astrology
Abode or places represented by Sun: As Sun is authority so anything related to govt organization or building will be signified by Sun. Besides this, Lord Shiva temples, fortress, mountains, forests, public offices like District Boards, panchayat etc. are also represented by Sun.

Human Body Parts Signified By Sun In Vedic Astrology
The boy parts ruled by Sun – Sun represents brain, head, bone, heart, right eye in male & left eye in female, bones, lungs, chest and stomach
Special features including Honey colored eyes and round face
Health Issues of Ailments by the Sun – Cardiac problem, epilepsy, baldness, polypus, bone diseases, visual problem, headache, high fever, sunstroke and low blood pressure
Animals Signified By Planet Sun
Animals: Sun represents all majestic animals like lion, horse, serpents, and, also it signifies singing birds like Lark, swan, nightingale etc.
Some Basic Significations:
Day– Sunday
Color– Orange
Direction of the Sun – East
Metal of the Sun – Gold and Copper
Precious gemstone – Ruby Gemstone

Favourable Sun In Any Horoscope:
When Sun is beneficial which means it is placed in exaltation sign, own sign or in friendly sign without any malefic aspects in it, then it gives good commanding ability, boldness, fame, High position, dignity, vitality, energy, leadership ability, royal appearance, charismatic performer, happiness, optimism, power, success, good health, affection, good temperament, respect to elders, honour from government wealth.

Unfavourable Placement Of Sun In Horoscope

If Sun is placed in debilitation sign i.e. in Libra or any other unfriendly sign or inimical sign, then it makes one egoistic, proud, aggressive, impulsive, arrogant, mean, boastful, irritable, jealous, wavering temperament, angry, and immoral.
In this level, we have learnt all about the planets and started with the planet Sun and its significance in detail. Now in next medium level of Astrology, we will learn all about the planet Moon and its significance, and how it is important in Vedic Astrology etc. So let’s commence our next chapter by visiting to the next page. Our Famous Astrologer In Noida can help you sort out your life’s lingering problems through witty astrological solutions.

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