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Learn Astrology About Mars

Learn With Complete Information About Planet Mars

We have learnt in previous level all about the planet Moon and its significance, now we will move on to next level of our planet series i.e. planet Mars and its significance in Vedic Astrology. Dear Viewers, let’s understand how the planet Mars plays a significant role in Vedic Astrology:

The Planet Mars

Learn Astrology About Mars – In Vedic Astrology, Mars is considered to be the red & fiery planet as it is kind of warrior and always ready to war due to holding of immense courage & energy. In Astronomy, it revolves around sun and completes its orbit cycle in 686.98 earth days. While moving to retrograde in motion, it becomes visible from earth due to its closeness. Mars has its two satellites namely Phobos and Diamos.

As Mars is warrior and represents energy in Vedic Astrology, so it is also considered as the God of War too. It comes under outer planets like Jupiter & Saturn as it rotates around the Sun in outer side of the circle traced by Earth. It shines in the night and hence can be distinguished very easily due to its colour and shining. It has great importance in birth chart as the desires, passion and ambitions of one’s life depend upon the placement of Mars only.

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Why Mars Is Important Planet In Astrology?

In Vedic Astrology, Mars governs the courage & force. In birth chart, if a person has more influence of Mars on his personality, then he gets such characters associated with planet Mars. It makes one fighter, warrior, courageous, forceful, impulsive, stubborn, energetic, enthusiastic, quick, impatient and short tempered. Person can also be interested in the areas like gym, fitness, wrestling, athletes, police, defense, army, medical products, fire, bakeries etc. As it mainly rules over anger & aggression, so it is termed as “Paap Grah” (The malefic planet) in astrology. With powerful Mars in birth chart in brief can provide such traits associated with energy and instant action.

Hindu Mythology About Mars

In Hinduism, Mars is considered as Bhoomi Putra, which means the son of our mother planet earth. Some ancient texts also says Angaraka the son of Mother Earth. According to ancient Vedas & scriptures, beliefs says that when earth was about to submerge into the vast ocean, then Lord Vishnu lifted and saved it in its Varaha Avatar, and put it in an orbit in the universe.

This made mother earth very impressed by the act of God and with this influence, she asked for the feminine boon. God agreed on it and as a result, Mangal (Mars) was born with this sacred union. This story also related that Mars is the son of Lord Shiva and mother earth. In Hindu Mythodology, Mars is also the God Muruga, Subramanya, Vadivel, Kumaraswamy or Velayudham. Mars rules over Samveda among all 4 Vedas and commander in chief in celestial cabinet. Do you seek the best Career Astrological Solutions for your life’s situations? Here is our astrological offering for your concern.

Significance Of Mars In Vedic Astrology

We have summarized all the points for you to understand well about the planet Mars so that you can find things easy to comprehend the concept of Astrology with respect to planet Mars:

Represents: Lord Muruga, Subramanya or Kumaraswami, besides, this, it is said to be the deity of Buddhists, the god of Romans and god of war.
Nature: Dry, fiery and masculine
Season – Grishma Ritu (June-July)
Veda: Sam Veda
Time duration to complete one cycle of zodiac: Approximately 2 years
Orbit Time in one zodiac sign by Mars: Approximately 2 to 7 months depending on its retrograde motion too. In general, it spends 45 days approx in one zodiac sign
Zodiac Sign ruled by Mars: Aries, Scorpio
Constellations Ruled by Mars– Mrigshira, Dhanishta, Chitra
Exaltation Sign: 28 Degree in Capricorn
Debilitation– 28 Degree in Cancer
Mooltrikone Sign – Aries
Vimshottari Mahadasha or Periodic Cycle of Mars– 7 Years

What Mars Signifies Naturally In Horoscope?

Represents – Male siblings, energy, Determination, Courage
Nature – Malefic
Friendly planets – Sun, Moon and Jupiter
Inimical planets –Rahu, Mercury and Saturn
Neutral planet – Venus
Favourable Placement of Mars in Horoscope signifies– Adventurous and Independent, Generous, Ambitious, Enthusiastic,
Unfavourable positioning of Mars signifies–Aggressive spirit, Anger, Impulsiveness, Impatience, low energy & Confidence

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What Products Mars Represent In Vedic Astrology?

Products ruled by Mars: Mars represents the products like ginger, groundnut, walnut, cashew nut, betelnut, mustard, garlic, brandy, whisky, arrack, toddy, metallic oxides, axe, knife, sword, gun, landed properties, thorny plants, old instruments, coriander etc.
Taste of Mars– Pungent, Spicy, Bitter

Places Signified By Mars In Vedic Astrology
Abode represented by Mars: Mars represents places like slaughter-houses, battlefield, , smith’s shops, police station, and industrial area.
Body Parts Shown By Mars In Vedic Astrology
The boy parts ruled by Mars–Mars governs forehead, nose, left ear, muscular system, blood vessels, external sex organs, prostate gland, groins, rectum, colon, testicles, and red bone marrow.
Special features including white complexion with a shade of red. One gets the tall, mascular and slender waist, curly & shining hair, fierce red eyes. Due to malefic nature, it makes one cruel natured and gives fickle mindedness. One can have pimples on face and round eyes.
Health Issues or Ailments by the Mars– Burns, measles, ruptures of blood vessels, Acute fevers and inflammatory complaints, smallpox, carbuncles, tetanus, deformity, fistulas, wound by iron or steel, hemorrhages, hernia, stones, abortions, appendicitis, sunstroke, muscular rheumatism, etc.
Animals Represented By Mars
Animals: The wolf, Tiger, Hunting, Dogs, Elephant, Kite, Hawk etc are represented by Mars.
Basic Significations Of Mars:
Day– Tuesday
Color– Red
Direction of Mars – South
Metal of the Mars– Copper, Gold
Precious gemstone – Red Coral

Favourable Mars In Horoscope:

If Mars is placed in its own sign, exaltation sign and friendly sign and also getting good aspects on it from other planets, then it can make one upright, exercising free will, accommodative and diplomatic. These people dislike small undertakings but enjoy execution of large projects. At present, many pioneers, leaders, heroes, warriors and explorers have the strong influence of beneficial of Mars.

Non-Favourable Mars In Horoscope:

If Mars is placed in unfriendly sign, getting malefic planetary aspects and placed in inimical sign, then it becomes afflicted or malefic Mars and makes one combative & destructive natured along with headstrong, unruly, drunkard, impulsive and fickle, vain, jealous, severe and unfeeling, quarrelsome, violent, and rash etc.

Now we have learnt all about Mars and its significance in Vedic Astrology. Mars is really a strong planet showing vitality & energy, without these you can not make your existence powerful in this ever-lasting world. After Mars, we will move onto the planet Mercury, so let’s start with Mercury by visiting to the next page.

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