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Introduction of Astrology

Exclusive Peek Into Brief Guidelines About Astrology

Introduction of Astrology For Quick Recap On Astrology: Brief Guidelines About Astrology or Introduction of Astrology was originated mainly from the Latin term, Astrologia, which is itself a Greek origin of the term, astron and logia (meaning, study of the account of the stars). Today it is defined as a science of making a comprehensive study over human life, country, and gives predictions covering dimensional aspects of humanity as a whole, based on planetary movements and analysis of other celestial bodies, including the cosmic elements. Choose Remedial Solution for Career and make your professional life successful and growth-centric. Solutions provided by it will prove a career-rewarding chance for you.

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Introduction of Astrology should be born in mind that the definition of astrology is differently quoted in various texts of different culture and beliefs of people from different nations. However, they all vindicate astrology as a science of study of planetary bodies and their relative influence on the life of a man, country or other creatures. According to Indian, Chinese and Maya civilization, an elaborated system of astrology is used to predict terrestrial events based on the analysis of celestial bodies.

Western astrology uses the system of horoscope as a baseline for predicting the future events of a person guided by the inputs derived out of sun, moon, and study of other celestial bodies at the time of a native’s birth chart. Indian Astrology system follows Vedic doctrines for predictions and so, it is believed to be of accurate, depending on the quality of astrological study of the celestial events and horoscopic analysis of a person.

Role of Planets in Astrology

In astrology, all the nine planets and other celestial bodies have an integral role. These celestial bodies and their cosmic movements are essential to pave the path for accurate predictions of an individual or other aspect of his/her life. It may sound surprising to everyone but the fact is that each and every planet in our solar system casts its relative impacts on the life of people on earth. And these impacts influence their way of behaving, thinking patterns and other interactive patterns, besides contributing huge effects in their personal relationships. The planetary movements follow a continuous and eternal cycle which influence everyone composed of universal elements.

The planetary role in astrology

  • Each and every star and planet casts its respective impact on the lives of humans and other beings connected to the universe.
  • These cosmic forces (planets and stars) and their relative influence gives Online Astrology prediction based on their cyclic transit and influence it casts is made.
  • Without planetary cycle and its relative influence, Astrological Solutions andprediction can’t be made accurately.
  • Each and every planet has its individual role to play when it comes to making an astrological prediction on a person’s individuality about whether his future career, or kind of life he/she would lead.
  • The role of planets in astrology is very important. For example, Mars is considered astrologically a malefic planet that rules Aries and Scorpio natives. In another example, Saturn is also viewed as a malefic planet which plays its role in a life of native, particularly Libra, influencing native’s marital and financial life.

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Horoscope And Astrology

Astrology and Horoscope Predictions both are substantial parts in astrological prediction over a person’s personality. While astrology is considered a science that follows Vedic principles to study the celestial bodies or planetary movements, horoscope, on the other hand, it is used to support the prediction in its diagrammatic explanation of the celestial bodies, thereby supporting the conclusion made by astrology. Get our Solution for Personal Issues and experience in your life blissful encounter of everything that you just dreamed of to happen in a real way. We offer productive astro-solutions.

About Vedic Astrology

Astrological study in India has been in practice since Vedic era, say for example, Atharva-Veda. Vedic astrology by Astrologer in South Delhi sources invaluable amounts of information that guides astrology how to predict by aligning all the key inputs based on the deep analysis of planetary movements and influence of cosmic bodies in the life of humans on earth. Vedic astrology points out that total of nine planets, 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses make up 27+1 constellations representing certain aspects of human life and their interpretations.

About Western Astrology

Western astrology is in practice in western countries. The historical origin of it relates to Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos (2nd century CE). Horoscope on which western astrology is based is actually based on divine-embodiment. Astrological prediction in western astrology is limited to Sun sign astrology involving the detail of a person’s date of birth, meaning position of the sun at the date of a person’s birth.

Importance of Astrology Since Our Rishi Period

The astrology casts its importance since the time of rishis or sages. In fact, the existence of astrology dates back to the eons of sages in India, say since about 5000 BC. For instance, Atharva Veda mentions astrology as ‘Mahopanishat’ or ‘Jyothishmati. Prediction in Indian astrology is based on the study of celestial bodies, birth time of an individual, including details like place of birth. It is believed that sage Parasara wrote Brhad Parasara Hora Sastra, the astrology text in the time around 3102 BC.

Use Of Astrology In Our Daily Life

Astrology influences people’s beliefs and faith. It’s a part of everyone’s life. Predictions based on the study of planetary movements or how cosmic bodies influence human’s lives are done by astrology. In fact, a person’s future can be summed up in astrological narrative. Astrology is considered a reliable science to predict your life’s events as to what type of job you choose based on your personal characteristic as analyzed astrology or predictions made in respect of your business, career, marital life, financial life or any aspect of your life. The accuracy of astrological prediction made depends largely on the accuracy of study of all the cosmic factors.

Scientific Facts of Astrology

Since astrological predictions are largely based on the analysis of planetary bodies and other cosmic factors, it, therefore, does not stand in resonance with the scientific statements which often are based on proofs substantiating any prediction it makes. However, the scientific facts of astrology itself vindicate that astrology, though intangible in nature, is very much supportive of explaining results based on planetary study and horoscopic analysis of a person by Best Astrologer in Delhi.


Astrology is an integral part of human’s life. Predictions made astrologically may be questioned for their lack of scientific evidence, but they are still valued for being relevant in explaining and broadening the understanding of people with respect to their life’s events. Each and every planetary body in the solar system delivers its respective impact on the life of an individual on earth, something called astrological study. Therefore, Astrology Predictions carries its undeniable values, considering accuracy of analysis it makes based on planetary movements, thereby predicting a person’s personality aspect, with guidelines and recommendations. In fact, astrology is a mirror one can use to fathom the hidden and unexplored aspects of one’s life, using it as guide to make their lives better and blissful. Do you know what Horoscope Dosha and Remedies consist of? They are the solutions for malefic planetary influences to help you live peacefully.

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