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Learn Astrology About Saturn

Get Relevant Information About Planet Saturn

Dear Viewers, as you have understood the signification of planet Jupiter in Vedic Astrology and why it is the most important & influential planet for our life in previous chapter. Now we will understand the concept of Saturn and its significations in Vedic Astrology. Saturn moves very slow, thus it has a huge impact on life for long, so read about it carefully and comprehend things too so that it can make easy for you to predict situation pertaining to Saturn in any horoscope. Let’s start Learn Astrology About Saturn:

The Saturn Planet Of Justice & Discipline

Saturn is mainly the planet for Justice & Discipline and provides you the results as per your deeds in life. It is a slow moving planet and hence completes its full zodiac cycle of 12 signs in 29.5 years. It takes 2.5 years approximately to pass through one zodiac sign. This way, we can understand how long it can provide its results passing through one zodiac sign to you. It is very far to Sun and gets surrounded by concentric rings. In Astronomy, it is the outer planet, which means it revolves around the Sun into the outside orbit from the orbit traced by our mother Earth. In Hindi, it is known as Shani or Shanishchara. It appears as a bluish in colour with 3 yellow coloured rings. It is the planet of responsibility, punctuation and hard work. However, due to its slow movement, it confers slow results as well and which in turn indicates the delay & postponements.

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Why Saturn Is Important Planet In Astrology?

Saturn mainly represents the old aged people in Astrology and the Karak planet for Longevity, Work and Justice. Saturn gives huge responsibility and stability in life. As it is the planet for Karma (Deeds) so it becomes important for your present life. Well, it is a malefic planet by nature so teaching a lesson can be a cruel method, that’s why it is a strict teacher who wants to bless one after giving the results based on performed deeds only. It is public or servant in Celestial cabinet, who only knows how to serve others better.

Saturn rules over 10th house of career & profession and 11th house of income & gains in Kaal Purush natural Kundali and also is a Karak planet for Work or Deeds too. Besides this, it is the main significator of 3rd house of efforts, 6th house of debt, disease or challenges and 11th house of income & gains. Saturn makes one determinant, competitive and confers stability in earnings in life. Do you seek the solution in astrology from the Online Astrology Consultation Service? Consult Pt. Umesh Ji and get your solutions right away.

Hindu Mythodology About Saturn

According to Hindu Mythodology, there is a story behind the lame nature of planet Saturn. It is believed that when the son of Ravan, Indrajit was about to born, Ravan wanted all the planets occupied in the 11th house only, as 11th house is the house of fulfillment of desires and gains, but Saturn stretched his leg to the 12th house too, 12th house Saturn is not considered good in Vedic Astrology. When Ravan wanted to assure the planetary alignments before the time of his son’s birth, he came to know the rash action of Saturn about stretching his legs from 11th to 12th house, so he immediately cut off the leg of Saturn. Since then Saturn became Lame and affected the speed of Saturn by making it slow. Saturn is also considered as the son of Sun but it shows rivalry relation with Sun.

Significance Of Saturn In Vedic Astrology

Get to know the below important significations of planet Saturn in Astrology used frequently while analyzing the horoscope:

Represents: Yama, Lord of Longevity, Some Believe it as Lord Brahma too
Nature: Barren, Cold, & Dry, Defensive, Constant, Hard, Nervous and Secretive planet
Season – Shishir Ritu (February and March).

Time duration to complete one cycle of zodiac: 29.5 Years
Orbit Time in one zodiac sign by Saturn: 2.5 Years

Zodiac Sign ruled by Saturn: Capricorn, Aquarius
Nakshatra/Constellations Ruled by Saturn– Pushya, Anuradha and Uttara Bhadrapada
Exaltation Sign: 20 Degree in Libra
Debilitation– 20 Degree in Aries
Mooltrikone Sign – Aquarius
Vimshottari Mahadasha or Periodic Cycle of Saturn– 19 Years

What Saturn Signifies Naturally In Horoscope?

Represents – Work, Servant, Service, Justice
Nature – Malefic & Cruel Planet
Friendly planets – Mercury & Venus, Rahu
Inimical planets – Sun, Moon, Mars, Ketu
Neutral planet – Jupiter
Favourable Placement of Saturn in Horoscope signifies– Endurance, Patience, Stability, Economy, Perseverance,
Unfavourable positioning of Saturn signifies– Delays, Dispute, Separation, Disappointment, Disharmony

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What Products Saturn Represent In Vedic Astrology?

Products ruled by Saturn: The products associated with mining are generally represented by Saturn such as oil & petroleum, i.e. Kerosene, Petrol, Coal, Mine ores, etc. Besides this, Leather, Mustard oil, Hides, Wood, Potato, Black pulses, Rye, Wine, Black Articles, Leguminous seeds, Plantain, Thistle Hemp, Hellebore, Aconite are also represented by Saturn
Taste of Saturn– Astringent/Bitter

Places Signified By Saturn In Vedic Astrology
Abode represented by Saturn: Cold places such as Hills are represented by Saturn, Besides this, forests, caves, desert, dens, old and ruined buildings, churches, wells, stinking places, slum areas, dirty places tanning factories, bone factory etc. are also represented by Saturn.
Body Parts Shown By Saturn In Vedic Astrology
The boy parts ruled by Saturn– Saturn rules over right ear, teeth, bones, knees, spinal cord, hair and growth. Apart from this, obstruction of bodily fluids, obstruction in urine and retention of waste materials, hardening of synovial membrane are also represented by Saturn.
Special features including native’s dark color, thin built, prominent veins, thick nails, protruding teeth, coarse and thick hair, long hands and feet. It gives old appearance to the native and due to its malefic nature, it makes native dirty, dreadful, foolish, full of wrinkles, merciless and melancholic. Sometimes native may also be a little deaf too.
Health Issues or Ailments by the Saturn– Some health ailments represented by Saturn are paralysis, fracture, cancer, sciatica, colds, deafness, tooth decay, diphtheria, insanity, rheumatism, asthma, consumption, defective speech, catarrh, gallstones, curvature of spine, hemorrhoids, asthma, gout, skin disease, etc.
Animals Represented By Saturn
Animals: Saturn represents wolves, cat, asses, hare, bear, serpents, crocodile, and venomous creatures, buffaloes, camels. Birds like bats, and owls are also represented by Saturn.
Basic Significations Of Saturn:
Day– Saturday
Color– Black/Blue
Direction of Saturn– West
Metal of the Saturn– Iron, Lead, Steel and Antimony
Precious gemstone – Blue Sapphire, Amethyst

Favourable Saturn In Horoscope:

If Saturn is placed in its own sign, exaltation sign or friendly sign then, it blesses one good quality such as stability, perseverance, endurance, economy, thrift, patience, power of retaining secrets, permanence, dutiful, self control, accuracy, precaution. One will be truthful and will be just to everyone and will get indulged in charitable deeds too.

Non-Favourable Saturn In Horoscope:

If Saturn is placed in inimical sign or unfriendly sign and gets the malefic aspects on it, then it represents delays, up-hill struggles, sorrows and disappointments, disharmony, dispute, despondency, dejection, differences, distrust etc. Native gets bad luck and become lethargic, drunkard, gambler etc.


Thus, we have read all about the planet Saturn & what it signifies in Vedic Astrology, you should comprehend things carefully as it will all be very useful while predicting any horoscope. Now coming to the planet’s series, then we will move onto the planet Rahu in the next Chapter, so let’s understand on the next page what Rahu represents and why it is very crucial in Vedic Astrology. We publish top Indian Astrology Blog that features a variety of topics about astrology with significant and informative inputs.

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