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Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis

Sanjay Dutt: Famous Indian Actor

Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis: Sanjay Dutt, popular Actor in Indian Film Industry, is the son of Legend Actor Sunil Dutt. He was born on July 29, 1959, at 3:00 PM in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Depending on Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, With his remarkable performances in different varities of films from Romance to Comedy, he became popular and established himself as one of the most leading actors from decades.

Wish To Explore Astrological Readings About Sanjay Dutt?

In view of Sanjay Dutt Astrological Analysis, For those seekers, we have prepared the birth chart of Sanjay Dutt looking forward to know the life journey of Sanjay Dutt with the help of Astrological readings.

Birth Chart
DOB: July 29, 1959
TOB: 15:00 Hrs
POB: Mumbai, Maharashtra

What Sanjay Dutt’s Kundali Has To Say About Him?

Sanjay Dutt Horoscope

As per Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, Scorpio ascendant rising in his horoscope ruled by the planet Mars positioned in the 10th house of career and profession, which makes him a born leader, action/career-oriented and very active individual. On the basis of Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, It is a very strong position of ascendant lord, which makes one very strong internally and physically. He is kind of soldier type personality and wants immediate results in his lifespan. The placement of Mars in 10th house makes him authoritative at work place, so he is treated as King where he goes due to strong leadership abilities. In Compliance with Sanjay Dutt Astrological Analysis, Mars is getting conjunct with Venus, which makes him very passionate towards his ultimate goal, besides this, it is very good combination with regards to work in Films, Cinema and Arts etc as Venus is the “Significator” of all this and placed with Mars making him passionate too towards his work. Further, he has Taurus Moon sign ruled by the planet Venus, so his Moon is also under Venus influence and getting exalted too, so this makes him highly creative and artistic individual and makes him famous among people for his works. Taking into consideration Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, The strong placement of Sun in 9th house indicates that he got the good support from his father’s end in his life. Best Astrologer In India offers you prompt and trusted astrological solutions at the most competitive price.

Know The Facts Of Sanjay Dutt’s Life Astrologically?

In the manner of Sanjay Dutt Astrological Analysis, he was born under his Sun Mahadasha which ended soon in April 1963. After this period, he entered into the Mahadasha of Moon for the next 10 years. This period was also good made him very near to his mother. In Alignment with Sanjay Dutt Astrological Analysis, He is born actor and performed as a child actor too, so during his Mahadasha of Moon and Antardasa of Venus, he appeared in a film in 1972. When he entered in Rahu Mahadasha after April 1980, he became addicted to Drug as Rahu is placed in the sign of Mercury, which is also the lord of 8th house of hidden & secrecy, so started this addiction. Later in 1981, he lost his mother too, as Rahu aspects to his Moon, the natural lord of mother. As Stated by Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, The whole period of Rahu was not actually very good period for him and he faced multiple ups and downs too in personal life, but it is good for his career as the first film Rocky in 1982 became block buster and he was one of the big face in film industry in his early age.

With the help of Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, During the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Venus, he was accused for the Bombay Blasts in 1993. So he got imprisonment. Venus is ruling the 12th house of jail, and Rahu’s dispositor Mercury is 8th house lord, so these both the malefic house made him guilty at that moment and he went jail. Further, Venus is also getting conjunct with Mars, which is the lord of 6th house of challenges and legal case too, so he was trapped into legal court case for many years and went jail too. After his Rahu Mahadasha, Jupiter Mahadasha started, which is again placed in 12th house of jail so it made him trapped in legal court cases and jail. On the strength of Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, He committed the crime in 1993 and for that, he got imprisonment in 2007 during his Jupiter Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha, so Venus played as a malefic planet (Marak Grah) for him. Further, during his Saturn Mahadasha, he completely came out from the jail and left back the whole dark side of his life’s journey. If you want full detail of your life then get Life Reading Report.

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Sanjay Dutt’s Achievements And Awards Being An Actor Astrologically

As Believed by Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, As he is the big face in bollywood industry so he received multiple awards and achievements in his life. Few of them are as follows:

In keeping with Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, In 2000, he received first film fare award during his Jupiter Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha, so it remained good for his success and achievements or for his career perspective.

In 2006, he got the Best Actor award from Global Indian films, during his Jupiter Mahadasha and Venus Antardahsa.,

As specified by Sanjay Dutt Astrological Analysis, In 2016, he was released completely and in 2018 his biopic was released too, which helped him to improve his image a lot in the society and people have changed their perception about him during his Saturn Mahadashha. Don’t settle in disparity and gloomy outcome of your best efforts as Best Astrologer in Delhi will assist you with his quality astrological solutions.

Married Life Of Sanjay Dutt Explained Astrologically

Let’s Discuss about Sanjay Dutt Astrological Analysis, the 7th house of marriage & partnership is ruled by the planet Venus positioned in 10th house of career, so it clearly indicates that he will meet his partner at work. So he married Richa Sharma (Co-Actress) in 1987 during his Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Saturn, Saturn is the Karak for stability and associated with 2nd house of family, so it helped him to expand the family in this period, However, during mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Moon, she died due to brain tumor in 1996, as Moon indicates the mind and placed in 7th house of marriage so caused this illness.

Conforming to Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, he married in 1998 to Rhea Pillay but it ended after 10 years in 2008 with divorce, when he married, he was running with Rahu-Mars period, which did not work well and ultimately got this ended up. Finally, he got married in 2008 during his Jupiter-Venus period and this marriage is lasting till now and now he is running with Saturn Mahadasha, which will also provide stability in his personal as well as professional life.

What Destiny Has In Store For Sanjay Dutt?

In Consonance with Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, he has really very good combination of planets present in his horoscope, which indicates that he will live like a king and will lead anywhere he goes. In 10th house, a very strong combination is forming due to placement of Mars which makes him like an Emperor too. As Per Sanjay Dutt Astrological Analysis, He has multiple Raj Yogas and Dhan Yogas present in his horoscope, which indicates that he will have very luxurious lifestyle in his lifespan. According to Sanjay Dutt Horoscope Analysis, He is lucky in many endeavours and always come out as a winner. Mars makes him a warrior type person, who has courage to face any obstacles easily. Now he got entered in to the Saturn Mahadasha lasting till April 2033, this period looks good for him in terms of stability and developing patience within him, however, he needs to take care of his health in this period as some issues related to his health might arise in this period. Rest he is a like king and will rule this film industry as a good actor in future as well with his wonderful performances. The Best Astrologer in South Delhi offers you high-quality efficient astrological solutions at a reasonable price.

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We wish him a good luck for his future endeavours and may you keep on shining & inspiring others with your good works!

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