Dr. Subramaniam Swamy Horoscope Analysis

Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, Famous Indian Politician & Economist, serves as a Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha. Before entering into the Politics, he was the professor of Mathematical Economics at IIT, Delhi. He also served the nation as Cabinet Minister in central government and was also the member of Planning Commission of India. With his great contributions, he received Tamil Ratna in 2016.

Know Dr Subramaniam Swamy’s Life Journey With Astrological Readings

Are you interested to know about Dr. Swamy? Here we have come up with the preparation of his birth chart and the predictions based on it about his life journey to let you understand about the astrological concepts:

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth: September 15, 1939
Time Of Birth: 4:30 AM
Place Of Birth: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

What Dr. Swamy’s Natal Chart Has To Say About Him?

Dr. Subramaniam Swamy Horoscope

As per the Kundali of Dr. Swamy, Leo ascendant is rising in his horoscope ruled by the planet Sun positioned in itself, which is very good placement of Sun and indicates the extra-ordinary leadership and administrative abilities. As Sun represents the government, so it shows that he will be either in Government or will be at a high post where he goes. People will like to work under his supervision due to his remarkable leadership skills. It also makes him a charismatic performer too, due to the fact; he gets the fame all around. Sun is getting conjunct with the planet Mercury indicating that he is a very good analyzer, observer and intellectual individual. Mercury with Sun in Lagna makes a powerful “Buddhaditya Yoga” for him and enabling him to be very wise & knowledgeable. It gives him a very good calculative ability and hence he comes out to be a mathematician & Economist with the essence of planet Mercury. Further, Virgo ascendant is rising as his Moon sign, which shows that he is family-oriented, soft-spoken and provides him a gains through the distant or foreign or far away sources/places in life.  Venus is also getting conjunct with Moon making him creative and artistic, but as Venus is debilitated so he most of the time becomes calculative even if it is not required. Looking for the Best Astrologer in South Delhi? Consider your quest done for good, as you have our expert driven to solve your life’s any problems with erudite astrology.

How Dr. Swamy Entered Into Politics Explained Astrologically?

Dr. Swamy was born under his Moon Mahadasha, which soon got ended in December 1942. His father was a bureaucrat in Delhi, so when he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Moon and Antardasha of Mercury, his family moved to Delhi due to his father’s job, he was then only 6 months old. Sun represents father, so due to strong position of Sun in his horoscope, he had the good support of his father and shows his father was also at the high or good position or an authoritative position. Again, Moon & Venus placement in his 2nd house, shows the relocation when he was born to the far away place. He studied in Hindu College, Delhi his Bachelors degree in Mathematics and later studied his Masters from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

He went to study Ph.D from Harvard University as recommended by American Economist. During that time, he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Ketu, as Ketu supports the research based works, and rahu is fascinated about the foreign culture, so he got this offer from Harvard University. In 1965, when he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu & Antardasha of Sun, he received the Ph.D degree. While taking his Ph.D, he also attended several institutes as a student. After completing his Ph.D, he joined the Department of Economics at Harvard Faculty in 1965, as Sun is very strong so he immediately received the post in its Antardasha.

When he entered in Jupiter mahadasha placed in his 8th house of research, he became associate professor in 1969; the Jupiter is strong enough to make him a good Economist and helps him in research based works. As Jupiter is also the planet wanting to back towards his home land, so he got the invitation from Amartya Sen at Delhi School of Economics. So, he accepted this offer and came back to his home land, but his appointment got cancelled at the last moment. As per his horoscope, he has very good gains through the foreign association and as he enters in Jupiter period, he started getting the sudden ups and downs in his life. He lost the appointment and later he joined IIT, Delhi and here to, he was sacked, but it was the beginning of his political career, and he entered into the field of politics during his Saturn Antardasha under Jupiter Mahadasha. In this period, there was an urge to be a good social worker and humanitarian, so he found politics the best way to fulfill his desires. From 1974, he became first time the elected Member of Parliament during his Mercury Antardasha under Jupiter Mahadasha.  Vedic Astrology Services in Delhi can help you find the most quality solutions for your life’s any issue concerning education, career and so on.

Dr. Swamy’s Awards & Achievement Explained Astrologically

Dr. Swamy was first elected as a member of parliament in 1974, when he was undergoing with the Antardasha of Mercury under Jupiter Mahadasha, the Antardasha of Mercury was good for him and helped him to get the victory.

In 2012, when he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Mercury and Antardasha of Mars, he received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Hindu college. Mercury is the 11th house lord of gains and Mars is Trikone Lord, so it became good period for him to receive this award.

In 2016, when he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Mercury and Antardasha of Saturn, he received the “Tamil Ratna” from America Tamil Sangham. There is an exchange between Saturn and Mars, so it helped him to receive this award. Do you want to read best Politics Blogs? Don’t look anywhere else and choose our website that features quality updates surrounding around Vedic astrology.

Know More Dr Swamy’s Personal Aspects & Marital Life Explained Astrologically

In Dr. Subramaniam Swamy Horoscope Analysis, the 7th house of marriage & partnership is ruled by the planet Saturn positioned in the 9th house of luck & fortune; it shows that the life partner will come up with the good gains for him. Being ruled by the planet Saturn, she will be responsible, mature and understanding lady. As 9th house indicates the higher learning or higher education in birth chart, so he met his partner during attaining the degree of Ph.D, he got married in 1966, when he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Moon, as Moon is placed in 2nd house, so it shows the expansion of family, and as a results, marriage happened in this period.

What Dr. Swamy’s Star Foretells About His Future Prospects?

As Dr Swamy has a very strong horoscope and it shows the very strong & influential personality too, so he is the one. He is a charismatic performer and a brilliant person. He has the strong Dhan Yoga and Raj Yoga in his horoscope, which indicates the gains through the foreign sources. He has the exchange between Saturn and Mars too, though it provides him the challenges but also helps him to be a good humanitarian and public figure. Sun & Mercury conjunction alone is enough in his birth chart to make him famous in the world. At present, he enters in the period of Ketu from December 2019 for the next 7 years; this is good period to explore himself towards the spiritual path and connecting himself with the divine source. However, he also needs to take care of his health too in this period as Ketu is placed with Saturn, which might provide him any health ailments in this period. Rest talking about his political career, then it is fine and his fame will rise too in near future.

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We wish him a good luck for his future endeavours and may you keep on inspiring others with your good works!

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