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Learn Astrology About Cancer

Understanding the Cancer Zodiac Sign in Astrology

In previous page, we have come to know all the astrological facts about Gemini zodiac sign and its significations, now let’s move to the zodiac series with the next zodiac sign i.e. Cancer. On this page, we will talk about the Cancer Zodiac Sign and its signification in the Indian Vedic Astrology. Cancer is very sensual and 1st watery sign in the zodiac belt, so now let’s start with the next Cancer zodiac sign and its associated terminology in Vedic Astrology:

What Is Cancer Zodiac Sign?

Well, Cancer zodiac sign is considered to be the 4th zodiac sign in Astrology and varies or starts from 90 degrees and ends on 120 degrees on longitude from Vernal Equinox. This way it also gets 30 degrees in longitude. Cancer is the 4th house too in Kaal Purush Kundali and represents the happiness, comforts, luxury and mother in Vedic Astrology. Cancer is the natural house of mother or represents where you live as it is the Karak planet for the natural fourth house in Vedic Astrology. As stated earlier too, Cancer is the 1st watery zodiac signs of the zodiac belt representing the 1st Moksha houses too, where the spiritual journey gets started. Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon, the lord of emotions, mind and sentiments in Astrology. As per Hindu Vedic Astrology or sidereal side of Astrology, Sun passes through this zodiac sign in between July 15 to August 14 approximately as 2-3 days may get varied. Now as per the western Astrology, it will vary between June 21 to July 20, and the Su usually gets passes through this sign in almost 30 days. A watery sign which has in opposition with cardinal or movable sign of Capricorn.

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Mythodology For Cancer Zodiac Sign

According to ancient text or Vedic scriptures, Sun will be in northern Hemisphere if it is in Cancer zodiac sign, this is the reason, Cancer is known as Northern sign too. Cancer is considered to be a watery sign and its symbol is “The Crab”. It is very emotional sign, hence people getting affected much with this sign are of emotional nature too. It represents the caring and protective nature like a mother as it is the natural sign or house for mother.

As per the Western Astrology, the fourth sign of zodiac is the Cancer, the crab, represents a creature named Carcinus in Greek mythology. Carcinus is though not known creature but is appears in famous story. In that it was encountered by Heracles. Carcinus was the crab of huge size or monsters’ size, that was dispatched by Hera in order to misguide Heracles. However, Carcinus did its little job to distract Heracles, as it was crushed beneath his foot, and then continued to killing hydra. Hera, likeness of the monster amongst the star, would place as the constellation Cancer.

Know The Significations Of Cancer Zodiac Sign

Let’s find out below the cancer zodiac sign significations in Vedic Astrology in a very simple and easy manner with the below mentioned points:

Cancer: 21st June to 22nd July (According to Western Sun Sign)

Element: Water
Symbol of Cancer sign: The Crab

Represents: Fourth house in Kaal Purush Kundali

Nature: Movable Sign/Feminine

Time duration to pass through Cancer by Sun: Approx 30 days

Zodiac Sign ruled by Planet: Moon

Nakshatra/Constellations comes under Cancer–  Punarvasu (20 Degree Gemini to 3 Degree 20 minute Cancer), Pushya (3 Degree 20 Minute to 16 Degree 40 Minute Cancer) and Ashlesha (16 Degree 40 Minute to 30 Degree Cancer). This means it contain the last pada of Punarvasu, full pada of Pushya and Ashlesha Nakshtra both.

Exaltation Sign of: Planet Jupiter

Debilitation Sign of: Planet Mars

Mooltrikone Sign – Not a Mooltrikone Sign for any planet

Quality: Cardinal water sign

Lucky Day:  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Gem: Ruby, Pearl, red Coral

Lucky Color: White, cream, Red & Yellow

Lucky Metal: Silver

Ruler: Moon

Friendly Planet: Jupiter & Mars

House of: Comforts, luxury, happiness and mother

Compatibility: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Lucky Numbers: 2, 7, 11

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Natural Signification Of Cancer Zodiac Sign In Horoscope

Represents – Motherly love & affection, High imaginations, Intuitions and insights, devotion and adaptability

Friendly planets to Cancer– Mars, Jupiter, Sun

Inimical planets to Cancer–  Mercury, Saturn

Neutral planet –  Venus

Body Parts Governed By Cancer In Vedic Astrology

The boy parts ruled by CancerMidsection like stomach, chest, womb, breasts

Physical features: large upper body, strong in manhood, Short stature, dwarfs, frail constitution in childhood, round face with timid look, pale and dull complexion, brown hair, walks with rolling gait, teeth thick and broad, broad shoulders, do not walk straight.

Places Or Environment Represented By Cancer Zodiac Sign People

Places that Cancer natives would like to be the part of their family, they like to get engaged in their homes and gardens. They like collecting antique or old collections. They like to enjoy the party and this way they like to invite others to enjoy the party. They usually like to be surrounded by homely environment and hence, they like their residence too nearby their home where they stay.

Flowers: Orchid and White rose


Cancer natives like to get indulged in the profession like writers, orators, caterers, commercial career. They want to manage restaurants, tea stalls, general stores, grocery shops, coffee shops, etc. Few wants to employed in hospitals too as nurses, matrons, managers or secretaries. They can be furnishers, undertakers and purchase regulators too. They can be a good dealer where liquid or water products are involved. They can also be interested in history especially the Archeology department.

Some Personal Traits Of Cancer

If Cancer zodiac sign is rising in the eastern horizon as your ascendant or Moon sign, and it will be of good dignity then it may make famous for fertile imagination, famous mimics and actors are born under this sign. They are to be able to accumulate wealth with their own hard work. They can be very receptive to the new ideas and implement them too into the environment. Good writers, orators, leaders, advisors are born under this sign. They have excellent memory and are famous for their true emotions and hospitality. They usually gain favour from intelligent people and deeply attached with their kids and family. They like to host parties, playing with kids, intramural sports, museum and art galleries etc.

Now let’s discuss about the negative traits, then they are very unpredictable, untruthfulness would be there, they are highly imaginative which may create sometimes mood swings and confusion too for these natives. Some other negative traits are untidiness, resentment, vanity, sentimental and laziness. They find very much difficult to move on from the bad phase if they would be associated with someone and get cheated by that someone, it would become very difficult for these people due to emotional issues.

Disease: In case of afflicted Cancer sign or getting an aspect of malefic planets then it may create the disease like infection of lungs, bronchitis, T.B, flatulence, nervous debility, jaundice, dyspepsia, cough, asthma, affections of esophagus, stomach, fear complex, hysteria, gallstone, worm and boils on chest

Conclusion Now you have learnt all about the Cancer zodiac sign, which will help you to predict Kundali or horoscope with reference to the cancer zodiac signs. So in the next page, we will learn more about the next zodiac sign series which will be the 5th sign known as Leo zodiac sign. To continue the series of all zodiac signs, please click on the next page to explore the facts regarding Leo zodiac sign. Read our Vedic Astrology Blog and improve your knowledge and understanding about vedic astrology.

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