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Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis

Sunil Gavaskar: Indian Cricket Commentator and Former Cricketer

Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis: Sunil Manohar Gavaskar commonly known as Sunil Gavaskar is an Indian cricket commentator and former cricketer. He is well known for his batting style worldwide. Though under his captaincy, team couldn’t perform well or he got less success as a captain of Indian cricket team, but he became the first test batsman to score 10,000 runs. With the help of Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, He always admired for his super techniques against fast bowling. For his excellent work and contribution to Indian Cricket, he is honoured with two highest civilian awards namely Padam Shree and Padam Bhushan by the GOI.  

Astrological Readings For Sunil Gavaskar

Are you interested to know the success rate of Sunil Gavaskar on Astrological parameters? Here we go with the depth analysis of his birth chart, which will aid you to understand the concepts thoroughly behind his remarkable success in his life, please find the analysis below for your reference:

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth: July 10, 1949
Time Of Birth: 20:42 HRS
Place Of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

What Sunil Gavaskar’s Natal Chart Reveals His Personality?

Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope

On the strength of Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, the Capricorn ascendant rising in your horoscope ruled by the planet Saturn positioned in his 8th house of uncertainty and transformation, which clearly indicates that he has lots of ups and downs in his life. As Believed by Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, On the contrary, it also makes him intuitive and gives him interest in making strategy or research based works. Taking into consideration Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, It also increases his longevity too. Being ruled by the planet Saturn, he is very mature, responsible and structured individual, who looks for the stability in his life, but due to placement of Saturn in 8th house, somehow the stability factor lags behind in his life. Jupiter is placed in is ascendant, which is getting debilitated, but as it is retrograde so it will also work as a exalted one, so he is very wise, knowledgeable and have spiritual thoughts too. Further talking about his Moon sign, then he has Sagittarius Moon sign ruled by the planet Jupiter and indicates that he is spiritual, like traveling to foreign places, and will also have the gains through foreign sources. As Stated by Sunil Gavaskar Astrological Analysis, Moon is getting the aspects of Mars from 8th aspect, Sun and Mercury from 7th aspects, which is creating his interest towards sports activity. Consult the Astrologer In Delhi and get your existing problems sorted out with perfect solutions.

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How Sunil Gavaskar Came In Sports World?

In Compliance with Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, he was born under Sun Mahadasha, which is not very well placed in his Horoscope, so it showed some challenges related to health for him until August 1954. However, Sun is also making Vipreet Raj Yoga too, so at one time in life, the challenges and negative aspects in life will turn out to be the positive one too due to the gaining of strong experience. As Per Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, This placement of Sun also makes him strong and helps him to face challenges courageously. After Sun Mahadasha, he entered into Moon Mahadasha, which lasted for the next 10 years in his life. Moon is placed in 12th house of foreign land and expenditures. In keeping with Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, Since Moon is the lord of mind, emotions and sentiments and it getting an aspects of Mars (The planet responsible for mainly Sports activity), so this was the time when he chosen the cricket sport. In Compliance with Sunil Gavaskar Astrological Analysis, He was born in middle class family and went to St. Xavier’s High School. After Moon Mahadasha, he entered into Mars mahadasha from August 1964, which made him get indulged more in cricket, and in 1966, he became the India’s Best Schoolboy Cricketer of the Year. He also got the place in Bombay Ranji Trophy too in 1966. During Mahadasha of Mars and Antardasha of Sun in 1970-71, he got the place in International team. In the manner of Sunil Gavaskar Astrological Analysis, During 1970’s, he got the captaincy of the cricket team during Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardahsa of Saturn, but it didn’t go smooth for him, so he actually failed in handling team, so he sometimes lost his captaincy and then again restored it for couple of years. Finally, in 1987 he rounded off his career in international cricket when he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Moon, As specified by Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, Moon being placed in 12th house made him to take this decision and anyway he lost or ended it due to Moon placement in house of loss. Later he became the Indian Cricket Commentator and found chance in entertainment industry too, but did not get much success as he was undergoing with Jupiter and Saturn Mahadasha, which created sudden rise and fall in his career most of the time.

Know Sunil Gavaskar’s Awards And Achievement Astrologically

Taking into consideration Sunil Gavaskar Astrological Analysis, he received Padam Bhusan award for his special contribution to Indian Cricket team in 1980, when he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Mercury, Mercury is trikone lord and placed with Sun (represents govt) so it made him successful to receive this award.

On the basis of Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, Again during Antardasha of Mercury under Jupiter Mahadasha in December 1994, he was given a highest post “Bombay Sheriff”

In Alignment with Sunil Gavaskar Astrological Analysis, The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to Gavaskar by BCCI president in 2011, when he was again undergoing with Saturn Mahadasa and Ketu Antardasha, Ketu, which is placed in Mercury sign. Don’t go elsewhere to improve your knowledge about Sports, as our Sports Blogs can fulfill your requirement more efficiently.

Interested In Sunil Gavaskar’s Personal Life?

Depending on Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, the 7th house of marriage and partnership is ruled by the planet Moon positioned in 12th house of foreign land and expenditures. It indicates that he had a caring wife; Moon is the planet for responsibility, care and emotional attachment. Further, it also indicates that she is a spiritual lady and he himself is also a spiritual person. According to Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, Venus is also placed in 7th house of marriage, which shows that he will have the partner who will be very beautiful and placement of Moon indicates that she belongs to far away place from his birth place. As Stated by Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, As we all know he is born in Mumbai and he got married to the daughter of leather industrialist from Kanpur, UP.

What Sunil Gavaskar’s Kundali Forecasts About His Career?

In view of Sunil Gavaskar Astrological Analysis, he has a very strong natal chart, which makes him a strong competitor in life. In Consonance with Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, He rises from adversities in his life with the presence of strong Vipreet Raj Yoga in his birth chart. He has debilitated Jupiter in ascendant which makes him sometimes pessimistic too, but as it is retrograde, so it starts working as the exalted one and makes him a Philanthropist too in his lifespan. Conforming to Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, At present, he in undergoing with the Mahadasha of Saturn lasting till Aug 2024, Saturn being his ascendant lord will try to provide stability but he should always be ready to face the sudden challenges in life as Saturn placed in 8th house may provide you suddenness and any prolonged health issues too. Let’s Discuss about Sunil Gavaskar Horoscope Analysis, So he is advised to take care of health and avoid pessimistic and over thinking ability in life, by following through this he will keep shining in his career with his remarkable efforts. Pt. Umesh Ji is accredited as Best Astrologer In India and is trusted for affordable and quality astrological solutions.

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We wish him a good luck for his future performances and keep on inspiring others!

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