Published On : August 14, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
2022 Planetary Transits

2022 Planetary Transits For Guidance Year Ahead

Transits simply means the movement, but when any planet changes its zodiac sign from one to another, it becomes planetary transit. It is an important celestial event and influences the life of person in certain way. There can be multiple combinations of planets formed this way in the sky, which influences the life on earth too.

How does Transit influence every individual?

2022 Planetary Transit Of Planet is a natural phenomenon, and as every entity in universe is connected directly or indirectly from each other, thus, any single movement in the sky affects us too. However, the results of getting affected by the same can be different for different individuals due to received map of planetary alignments at the time of birth.

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Find The Important Dates Of Planetary Transit Below For The Year 2022

We, at AstrologerUmesh, have prepared the table for the 9 Planetary Transit Of Planets in the year 2022 for your convenience, please find it below:

Sun Transit

Find below the dates of transit of supreme planet Sun for the year 2022:

Sun Transits into Zodiac Sign Date of Transit
Capricorn (Makar)January 14, 2022, Friday at 2:43 PM
Aquarius (Kumbha)February 13, 2022, Sunday at 03:41 AM
Pisces (Meena)March 15, 2022, Tuesday at 12:31 AM
Aries (Mesh)April 14, 2022, Thursday at 08:56 AM
Taurus (Vrishabh)May 15, 2022, Sunday at 05:45 AM
Gemini (Mithun)June 15, 2022, Wednesday at 12:19 PM
Cancer (Kark)July 16, 2022, Saturday at 11:11 PM
Leo (Simha)August 17, 2022, Wednesday at 07:37 AM
Virgo (Kanya)September 17, 2022, Saturday at 07:36 AM
Libra (Tula)October 17, 2022, Monday at 07:37 PM
Scorpio (Vrishchik)November 16, 2022, Wednesday at 07:29 PM
Sagittarius (Dhanu)December 16, 2022, Friday at 10:11 AM

Mars Transit

Mars is energy, vitality and force in one’s life. Thus, lets’ know the dates of the transits of this fiery planet Mars for the year 2022:

Mars Transits into Zodiac Sign Date of Transit
Sagittarius (Dhanu)January 16, 2022, Sunday at 04:51 PM
Capricorn (Makar)February 26, 2022, Saturday at 04:09 PM
Aquarius (Kumbh)April 07, 2022, Thursday at 03:35 PM
Pisces (Meen)May 17, 2022, Tuesday at 09:52 AM
Aries (Mesh)June 27, 2022, Monday at 06:00 AM
Taurus (Vrishabh)August 10, 2022, Wednesday at 09:33 PM
Gemini (Mithun)October 16, 2022, Sunday at 07:50 AM
Taurus (Vrishabh)November 13, 2022, Sunday at 7:40 PM

Mercury Transit

Find below the dates of transit of logical planet Mercury in the year 2022:

Mercury Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
Aquarius (Kumbha)March 6, 2022, Sunday at 11:31 AM
Pisces (Meena)March 24, 2022, Thursday at 11:05 AM
Aries (Mesh)April 08, 2022, Friday at 12:06 PM
Taurus (Vrishabh)April 25, 2022, Monday at 12:24 AM
Gemini (Mithun)July 02, 2022, Saturday at 09:52 AM
Cancer (Kark)July 17, 2022, Sunday at 12:15 AM
Leo (Simha)August 1, 2022, Monday at 03:51 AM
Virgo (Kanya) August 21, 2022, Sunday at 02:15 AM
Libra (Tula)October 26, 2022, Wednesday at 01:56 PM
Scorpio (Vrishchik)November 13, 2022, Sunday at 09:28 PM
Sagittarius (Dhanu)December 03, 2022, Saturday at 06:56 AM
Capricorn (Makar)December 28, 2022, Wednesday at 06:00 AM
Sagittarius (Dhanu)December 30, 2022, Friday at 11:12 PM

Jupiter Transit

Know the exact date below for religious planet Jupiter in 2022:

Jupiter Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
Pisces (Meena)April 13, 2022, Wednesday at 04:58 PM

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Venus Transit

Find out below the exact dates of transit of lord of love, romance & finance Venus in 2022:

Venus Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
Capricorn (Makar)February 27, 2022, Sunday at 10:37 AM
Aquarius (Kumbha)March 31, 2022, Thursday at 08:54 AM
Pisces (Meena)April 27, 2022, Wednesday at 06:30 PM
Aries (Mesh)May 23, 2022, Monday at 08:39 PM
Taurus (Vrishabh)June 18, 2022, Saturday at 08:28 AM
Gemini (Mithun)July 13, 2022, Wednesday at 11:01 AM
Cancer (Kark)August 07, 2022, Sunday at 5:31 AM
Leo (Simha)August 31, 2022, Wednesday at 04:29 PM
Virgo (Kanya)September 24, 2022, Saturday at 09:14 PM
Libra (Tula)October 18, 2022, Tuesday at 09:51 PM
Scorpio (Vrishchik)November 11, 2022, Friday at 08:20 PM
Sagittarius (Dhanu)December 05, 2022, Monday at 06:08 PM
Capricorn (Makar)December 29, 2022, Thursday at 04:14 PM

Saturn Transit

Mentioned below are the exact dates of planet of “Karma”, Saturn in the year 2022:

Saturn Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
Aquarius (Kumbh)April 29, 2022, Friday at 12:18 PM
Capricorn (Makar)July 12, 2022, Tuesday at 10:28 AM

Rahu Transit

Know the exact date of transit of smoky planet Rahu below in the year 2022:

Rahu Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
AriesApril 12, 2022, Tuesday at 10:36 AM

Ketu Transit

Find below the mentioned date of transit of spiritual planet Ketu in the year 2022:

Ketu Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
LibraApril 12, 2022, Tuesday at 10:36 AM

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