Published On : October 2, 2023  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Saphala Ekadashi Vrat

What Is Saphala Ekadashi Vrat?

Saphala Ekadashi Vrat is an auspicious ritual observed by the devotees for achieving peace, happiness, wellbeing, and prosperity in life due to the blessings of Lord Vishnu. In fact, it is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

The religious sanctity of the festival is believed to be substantial, given the Punya a devotee reaps out of observing Saphala Ekadashi vrat is equal to the Punya of thousands of years of penance/meditation (Tapasya).

On the day of Saphala Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu is worshipped. The puja of Lord Vishnu follows typical religious rituals, including prayers of the god, devotional songs sung by the devotees, Aarti, etc.

Moreover, those who listen to Saphala Ekadashi vrat tale while observing the fast are said to attain various results, such as happiness, serenity, glory, fame, wealth, sound fitness and spiritual refinement, and also attain divine salvation after death.

What Is The Importance Of Observing Saphala Ekadashi Vrat For A Devotee?

The significance of observing Saphala Ekadashi vrat for a devotee is that it is extremely auspicious, thereby people who follow it religiously with staunch devotions to Lord Vishnu are said to get various results in life, including –

  • Better financial condition.
  • Sound fitness, physically and mentally.
  • Improved Spiritual refinement.
  • Peace and prosperity come into your life.
  • Removal of obstacles.
  • Positive headway in chosen endeavours, like business or career

At last, the devotees also attain divine salvation after death. Since Saphala Ekadashi vrat is related to Lord Vishnu, who is one of the most powerful divine beings in Trinity lords, therefore, anyone who worships him on this day doesn’t have to fear for anything in his life.

Another significance of observing Saphala Ekadashi vrat is that the Punya that a devotee attains out of it weighs in substantial religious volumes equal to the Punya that a devotee attains after observing meditations for thousands of years. This means that if you don’t want to meditate for years to please Lord Vishnu, you can choose Saphala Ekadashi vrat to please him, considering it is the best alternative resort to pleasing Lord Vishnu.

The importance of Saphala Ekadashi vrat is also highlighted by the fact that Lord Krishna himself told Yudhishthira that nothing pleases him much than a devotee who observes Saphala Ekadashi vrat.

Methods To Follow During Saphala Ekadashi Vrat –

One must maintain purity at any cost before observing Saphala Ekadashi vrat.

Therefore, devotees, one day before commencing the puja, must renounce non-vegetarian diets. On the day of Saphala Ekadashi vrat, make sure you have done your daily routines religiously. After taking a bath, wearing a fine outfit befitting for the puja, and keeping Puja-related materials in order at a Puja spot, place an idol or an image of lord Vishnu on a puja spot. Sprinkle Gangajal water on him, set up a Ghat for puja, lit up a Diya, offer flowers to the lord, and make sure you have offered basil leaves to Lord Vishnu. Proceed with Aarti, chant Vishnu Sahasranama and Kanakdhara stotras. Offer sweets and Prasad to Lord Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi. On the day of Saphala Ekadashi vrat, devotees should consume Sattvic foods only.

Saphala Ekadashi Vrat Story

At the request of Yudhishthira about the importance of Saphala Ekadashi vrat, Lord Krishna told him a story, which follows thus –

Mahishman, who was the king of Champavati, had four sons. His eldest son, Lumbhak wasted his father’s money by indulging himself in debauchery. Having been fed up with Lumbhak’s evil deeds, king Mahishman banished him. Now homeless, Lumbhak had to reside in a forest for months. One day, on the night of Dashami of Krishna Paksha, Lumbhak suffered a terrible cold and woke up the next day almost lifeless. The rays of the sun brought him to his conscience. When he woke up, he went out into the forest in search of fruits. He brought some fruits and kept them under a Peepal tree. Unknowingly, he prayed to Lord Vishnu and offered him the fruits, while cursing his misfortunes. Coincidentally, that was the day of Saphala Ekadashi. Lumbhak somehow spent the day and spent the whole night without sleeping due to a severe cold. Thus, he successfully accomplished Saphala Ekadashi vrat, unintentionally. The effects of the vrat he observed led him to the path of righteousness. He became a good man. Later, his father made him the king of Champavati. Years later, Lumbhak handed over the kingdom to his son, Manogya and himself followed the path of Godward. After his death, by the auspiciousness of Saphala Ekadashi vrat he observed and good deeds, he attained divine salvations.


Saphala Ekadashi vrat is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated by devotees as reverential regard paid to lord Vishnu. The festival enjoys widespread reverence due to its significance of blessing a devotee with the results, such as peace, happiness, wealth, fame, splendour, wellbeing, prosperity and ultimately divine salvation. A devotee must ensure purity before observing Saphala Ekadashi vrat and do it religiously to please Lord Vishnu.

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