Published On : June 26, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Importance And Objectives Of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra As A Medium To Maintain The Balance Of Life

The balance of life is a very cryptic and abstruse concept for many people to understand. Vastu Shastra, in this context, helps you get to the bottom of this balance of life, explaining to you what it is.  It is extremely essential for a person to understand this “balance of life” living model, considering in absence of profound insight into this model means nurturing an ignorance of how its imbalance can cause a plethora of mental and physical sufferings in your life.

Moreover, you get surrounded by countless types of hiccups, obstacles, and problems of your own when the balance of life is lopsided. Vastu Shastra says that a person’s living space holds optimal importance in which direction of his life will follow, as such places emit subtle energy of what we call cosmic forces or Pahchmahabutas, such as earth, water, air, fire, and sky.

According to Vastu Shastra, the proper synergy of these cosmic forces/elements enliven the soul of every occupant of a living space, be it your residential or commercial space. Therefore, it is extremely important for any residential or commercial place to have these cosmic forces properly integrated with its structures. An edifice made thus promotes an enhancement of the abilities of its occupants, automatically.

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Vastu, As A Scientific Technique For Healing And Benefiting The Mankind

Vastu is an ancient science. And like every branch of science that typically endorses facts-based and authentic techniques for the betterment of mankind, Vastu, too, as a science, has its virtue of harnessing the energy of cosmic forces into benefiting mankind. In fact, Vastu was developed as a science by our ancient sages and saints in order to protect us from the malefic powers, lingering subtly around our surroundings.

Vastu is believed to have originated from Veda, especially it is considered to be a part of Atharva Veda.

As we already know that the cosmic forces or Pahchmahabutas have led to the creation of the earth and human bodies, Vastu, in this context, believes that these forces render straightway influences on every aspect of our life. They are the forces that fundamentally cast their respective influences on the life of mankind, governing and affecting their every moment.

It is therefore this reason that structures of any residential and commercial establishments and their surroundings must involve the proper integration of these cosmic forces so that the occupants living there can be benefited from the positive influences of these nature’s forces.

Can We Say That Vastu Is A Science, Not A Fiction?

The principles of Vastu are always consistent, just like the reality of earth’s existence. It is based on the fundamental powers of planets and cosmic bodies in the Universe and their respective magnetic pull. Vastu principles are never-ceasing. They are universally widespread and acknowledged.

For any science to be acceptable as fact-based and proven, Vastu, as a science, contains all the required fundamentals, such as logic, merits, computational ability, stability, healing property, matured analysis and profitability. These are the inherent traits qualifying the competence of Vastu as a life-transforming medium for mankind.

Therefore, we can unequivocally and indisputably say that Vastu is a science, not a fiction.

How Does Vastu Help You Attain Benefits, Like Peace And Happiness In Your Life?

Just as an ill person, after undergoing medical treatment recuperates and leads a healthy life, a person, in a similar context, can attain peace, happiness, and prosperity by ensuring that his living space is constructed in proper conformity with the Vastu Shastra principles.

To say otherwise, the working mechanism of Vastu based on its underlying principles works similar to what doctors medically help a patient recover from a serious disease by using the principles of medical science.

Therefore, if a house is cursed with malefic cosmic energy rendering ill and ominous results in the life of its occupants, applying Vastu principles in such living spaces can neutralise these malefic energies, thereby helping the occupants attain sound health, peace, happiness, and prosperity in their life.

The Usefulness Of Vastu Shastra

Our ancient textbooks contain an inexhaustible amount of knowledge related to Vastu. All we need is someone highly inquisitive who can exhume that knowledge and disseminate it all over the world for mankind to benefit from it profitably. That outcome (mankind’s prosperity), if ever manifests, would be deemed the correct usage of Vastu Shastra.

Golden Principles Of Vastu Shashtra To Follow In A House Or A Living Space –

  • Do not build a house next to places like hospital or graveyard. They release toxic energy.
  • Avoid sleeping under a beam of iron that causes depressive outcome and sufferings, such as pain in shoulder, joint issues, or headaches.
  • Make sure each corner of rooms in a house is well-lit and spotlessly clean. Leave centre of the house uncluttered.
  • Keep heavy furniture like Almira etc. in the south-west direction. This direction is also vastu-friendly when building stairs in a duplex house.
  • Family bedroom should face southwest corner of a house. This direction emits positive energy, thus being helpful for the occupants of the house.
  • Puja Ghar should face the northeast direction, so that prayers can be made facing the east.
  • Southeast direction, which is ruled by fire, is a vastu-friendly direction for kitchen. Alternatively, one can choose northwest direction for kitchen.
  • East, west, or north is a good direction for the entrance of a house.
  • Do not keep water-related items, such as aquarium, water fountain, etc. in a bedroom.
  • Placement of mirror in a bedroom should be done in a way that it doesn’t reflect bedroom.


Any edifice or building constructed in conformity with the Vastu principles can eventually make the life of its occupants joyous, peaceful, and prosperous. It explains further the necessity of building an edifice under the supervision of an erudite and profoundly experienced Vastu specialist. Vast, in fact, plays a pivotal role in the life of mankind. Building a house by applying Vastu Shastra principles enables the property to have positive energy in and around its surroundings, thereby benefiting the occupants of the property with a peaceful living experience, together with prosperity and desired results in their pursuit of success. Talk To Astrologer On Phone for a consultation best suited to your astrological needs.

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