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Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis

Katrina Kaif: Famous British Actress And Model

Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis: Katrina Kaif, a famous model and British Actress, is associated with Indian Film Industry. As Per Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, She was born on July 16, 1983 at 6:40 AM in Hong Kong. Kaif is one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood and receives multiple awards for his great contribution to Indian Cinema. She was honoured by the title of “Most Beautiful Woman in 2011” by “People” and “Most Desirable Woman in 2010” by “The Times of India”.

Katrina Kaif’ Success Story Explained Astrologically

Know Astrological factors causing the great success of Katrina Kaif as an Actress and made her highest paid actress in Bollywood Industry:

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth: July 16, 1983
Time Of Birth: 6:40
Place Of Birth: Hong Kong

What Katrina Kaif’s Birth Chart Has To Reveal About Her?

Katrina Kaif Horoscope

As Stated by Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, In Kaif’s natal chart, Cancer ascendant is rising in her horoscope ruled by the planet Moon positioned in 3rd house of efforts And communication. It indicates that she is fond of traveling and has independent thinker. This placement also shows interest towards her hobbies and performing arts. This makes her very creative, artistic and influential person. Being ruled by the planet Moon, she is kind of very caring, responsible and like to organize things like a mother or motherly figure as Moon is a natural significator of mother in Vedic Astrology. With the help of Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, Mercury is placed in her ascendant, which is the lord of 3rd house of efforts & communication & 12th house lord of foreign land and expenditures; it shows that she can have good gains through the foreign sources and with her hobbies too. On the strength of Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, It makes her very intelligent, communicative and great analyzer too. There is an exchange between Mercury & Moon, which depicts the gains through mother, siblings and her creativity or hobbies. This exchange is uplifting her born skills and due to the fact, she is good as an artist or an actress. As Believed by Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, She has Virgo Moon sign ruled by the planet Mercury placed in 1st house of personality, which makes her a keen learner and a good observer. She has the great skills to learn different languages easily. With this presence of Mercury & Moon, she traveled through multiple countries in her early childhood. Know your love prospects by our Best Astrologer In Delhi.

What Influences Katrina Kaif To Become The Part Of Bollywood Industry?

Depending on Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, she was born under her Moon Mahadasha, which got ended in May 1990. As Moon is placed in her 3rd house, so it made her visit to multiple countries during her childhood. As there is a very good exchange between Moon & Mercury, and Moon is getting an aspect of Rahu too, which indicates that she has many siblings, it is 7 in number including her as confirmed by Kaif. Now the Lord of 5th house of education & Intellect, Mars is placed in 12th house, which shows the break in her education or no formal education. She got the home-schooled by different tutors due to frequent relocations. After Moon Mahadasha, she entered into the Mars mahadasha till May 1997, during that time, she was taking education and relocated to multiple countries as Mars is placed in 12th house of foreign land, so it also shows the learning of different cultures too.

Let’s Discuss about Katrina Kaif Astrological Analysis, Once her Mars period got ended in May 1997, she entered in Rahu Mahadasha for the next 18 years. This is a good period for her and helped her to get the name, fame and prosperity too. Rahu is placed in friendly sign and in the 11th house, and Rahu also represents something different or streak of line, thus, she won first time the beauty contest in Hawai, and from then she started receiving modeling offers too. As specified by Katrina Kaif Astrological Analysis, She moved to London then and started modeling professionally in London and appeared regularly at London Fashion week. During Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha in 2003, she got noticed by London-based Filmmaker and got selected for English-Hindi film. On the basis of Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, Saturn is exalted in 4th house and aspects her 10th house of career, which showed her the path of her career and while filming this in India, she started receiving several other offers, and during Saturn Antardasha, she got the stability and decided to stay in India only. However, she got some ups and downs during her Saturn Antardasha till April 2005 due to her bad command over Hindi language. However, as she enters in Mercury Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha, she learns Hindi and gets the command too, as Mercury is a planet known for language and communication, so it helped her to learn different language easily. Since then she is leading to the bollywood industry and is a highest paid actress. Our Love Astrology Services is one of the most effective services suitable for those who want to solve their love problems.

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Know Katrina Kaif’s Achievements And Awards Astrologically

In the manner of Katrina Kaif Astrological Analysis, As she is a leading bollywood actress and won multiple awards and honours too, but here we have explained few of them to let you know the reason astrologically behind her achievements:

In Compliance with Katrina Kaif Astrological Analysis, In 2008 and 2009, she was on top of the world’s Attractive people, during that she was undergoing with the Rahu Mahadasha and Antardasha of Venus, which made her very attractive as Venus is the lord of love, beauty, creativity & romance, so it helped her to become the most attractive person in this period.

Taking into consideration Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, In 2009, she received the Rajiv Gandhi award for the best actress category during her Rahu Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha, as Venus is placed in Leo sign and she also soon got the Pratyantardasha of Sun, which helped him to get the gains from the other country government (India different country from her birth country).

In 2016, she got the Most Stylish Star (Female) by Filmfare Glamour. She was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Jupiter, Antardasha of Jupiter and Pratyantardasha of Venus, so it is good period for her and helped her to receive the stylish award.

In Alignment with Katrina Kaif Astrological Analysis, In 2019, she received “Entrepreneur of the Year” by “Business”, it is received during her Jupiter Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha, Saturn is exalted and good planet for stability and business so it helped her.

Know Katrina Kaif’s Personal Aspects And Marital Life Explained Astrologically

According to Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, the 7th house of marriage & partnership is ruled by the planet Saturn placed in 4th house of comforts & luxury, which indicates that her life partner will come up with the happiness for her. Conforming to Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, She doesn’t want to disclose her private life in public or with everyone whom she meets, as Saturn rules her 8th house of secrecy too, so she may have multiple secrets in her personal life but may not want to share with everyone. This also indicates the delay in her marriage too as she always thinks for the long term stability, so she wants to first judge the person whom she will be in relationship with. In Consonance with Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, Jupiter & Ketu in her 5th house indicates that she should be very cautious about her love life, as in early age, she may have break ups too. This energy of Ketu will release her after the age of 32 and then she might meet her real life partner.

What Katrina Kaif’s Star Foretells About Her Future?

In view of Katrina Kaif Astrological Analysis, Katrina Kaif has a very strong horoscope in terms of personality & communication. She has very good exchange of Moon & Mercury in her horoscope, which will always help her to get success with her performing skills and arts. Further, she has a good Dhan Yoga forming in 12th house of foreign land & expenditures, thus it becomes very active in foreign land for her and provides good wealth, name and fame too in India (Other than her birth country). Presently, she is undergoing with the Mahadasha of Jupiter lasting till May 2031. This period looks good for her and will come up with the good luck and fortune too. In keeping with Katrina Kaif Horoscope Analysis, It is good for her love life too and she might meet to her real life partner in this period. However, she is advised to avoid over perfectionism in everything, so that things may not get delayed in her life. Rest she will have the good future in this period and will be ruling lady of the bollywood industry in future too. Is your marriage is not fruitful? Do you experience squabble all the time with your partner? Get Marriage Guidance for more best marital solutions.

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We wish her a good luck for her future endeavours and may you keep on inspiring others with your good works!

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