Published On : October 15, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Learn Astrology Lesson Six

Dear Viewers, you have learnt all about the planets and its significance in our daily life briefly in previous page, now we will see the friendship of planets with each other in this level, it will help you to know better how the planets show friendship or enmity with the other planets. This process ultimately will help you in predictive part. So let’s begin with Maitri or friendship of planets or Understanding of Basic Astrology Part Six.

Friendships of Planets

Friendships of planets can be categorized mainly in 3 types:

1: Natural Friendship of planets

2: Temporary Friendship of planets

3: Panchdha or Five Fold Friendship of Planets

Let’s focus on these friendships one by one and truly understand how this concept of Maitri or friendship works between planets.

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Natural Friendship: Planets show the natural friendships with each other, it doesn’t mean that they are the natural friends with every planet. It is same like us. We find ourself comfortable with someone, however, not with everyone. In that case, some will become our friends with their favourable traits automatically and will be considered into natural friends, while some will always be inimical or we do not find ourselves comfortable with some personality. Likewise with planets too, they have some natural friends, which is considered as their permanent friendship with other planets, while some are inimical and considered as natural enemies or permanent enemies. In between these two types, there are some planets to which there is neither friendship nor inimical relations, these will be considered into Neutral Planets. We can understand this concept with the help of below table, please find the below table for your better understanding:

PlanetsNatural FriendsNeutral PlanetsNatural Enemies
SunMoon, Mars, JupiterMercuryVenus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
MoonSun, MercuryMars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, KetuNone
MarsSun, Moon, Jupiter, KetuVenus, SaturnMercury, Rahu
MercurySun, VenusMars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, KetuMoon
JupiterSun, Moon, MarsSaturn, Rahu, KetuMercury, Venus
VenusMercury, Saturn, Rahu,Mars, Jupiter, KetuSun , Moon
SaturnMercury, Venus, RahuJupiterSun, Moon, Mars, Ketu-
RahuVenus, SaturnJupiter, MercurySun, Moon, Mars, Ketu
KetuVenus, SaturnMercury, JupiterSun, Moon, Mars

Note: Roughly, the planets can be classified in two groups and that will be inimical to each other. There might be some exceptions which can find out from above table. Let’s know these two groups:

Planets in Group 1: Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter

Planets in Group 2: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu

Thus, overall planets in Group 1 will be inimical to planets in Group 2, few exceptions can be seen from above table.

Temporary/Tatkalik: As the name of this friendship indicates the temporary, which means planet makes the friendship on temporary basis with other planet based on its placement in your horoscope. This friendship will vary from one Horoscope to another. So by this rule, the planet situated in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th houses from a particular planet become Temporary friends and rest of the planets in other houses become temporary enemies.

PlanetsTemporary FriendsTemporary Enemies
SunMoon, Venus, Ketu, Mercury, JupiterMars, Saturn, Rahu
MoonKetu, Sun, Mercury, JupiterVenus, Mars, Saturn, Rahu
MarsKetu, Saturn, RahuMoon, Venus, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter
MercurySun, Moon, Venus, Ketu, Saturn, RahuMars, Jupiter
JupiterSun, Moon, Venus, Ketu, Saturn, RahuMars, Mercury
VenusSun, Ketu, Jupiter, MercuryMoon, Mars, Saturn, Rahu
SaturnMars, Mercury, JupiterRahu, Ketu, Moon, Venus, Sun
RahuMars, Mercury, JupiterKetu, Moon, Venus, Sun, Saturn
KetuMars, Moon, Venus, Sun, Mercury, JupiterSaturn, Rahu.

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Panchdha Maitri or Five Fold Friendship: In Panchdha or Five Fold, both types of relationship are taken into consideration i.e. Permanent as well as Temporary both. Based on these two relations, the other type of friendship is determined termed as Panchdha Maitri or Five Fold Friendship. The Panchdha Maitri is determined on the basis of different below formulas:

Temporary Friend + Permanent Friend = Intimate Friend (Best Friend)

Temporary Friend + Permanent Enemy = Neutral Friend

Temporary Friend + Permanent Neutral = Friend

Temporary Enemy + Permanent Friend = Neutral Friend

Temporary Enemy + Permanent Neutral = Enemy

Temporary Enemy + Permanent Enemy = Bitter Enemy

Thus, based on this concept the friendship will be determined and the planets showing high friendship in horoscope will provide extreme good results. Likewise it continues with friends, neutral, enemy and bitter enemy and results will be obtained based on its friendships.

Find below the Five Fold Friendship chart for your reference, it will help you to understand the Panchdha Maitri easily. It will help to find out the best friend, friend, neutral, enemical etc for a particular horoscope:

Natural Friendship + Temporary Friendship 5- Fold Friendship
Friend+FriendBest Friend
Friend + NeutralFriend
Friend + EnemyNeutral
Neutral + FriendFriend
Neutral +NeutralNeutral
Neutral +EnemyEnemy
Enemy + FriendNeutral
Enemy + NeutralEnemy
Enemy +EnemyBitter Enemy

Thus, based on the above tables, the following table will be obtained for every planet, where BF represents best friend, N represents Neutral, F represents Friends, E represents Enemy and BE represents Bitter Enemy.


Planetary Aspects:

As we have understood the name aspect in previous level, here we will see the actual aspects of every planet in horoscope, which means how planets influences from its position to other houses or planets placed into the same houses. Lets’ know first the aspects:

Sun, Mercury, Venus7th
Mars4th, 7th, 8th
Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu5th, 7th, 9th
Saturn3rd, 7th, 10th

As per the table, Sun, Mercury & Venus will only influence to its opposite 7th house from its position or house, likewise Mars will aspect or influence to the 4th house from itself, 7th house from itself and 8th house from itself, and also planets placed in these houses too. This way every planet has its own aspect and influences other houses too.


Here we have learnt all kind of friendship between planets and how planets influences to each other based on these friendships in every individual chart. We have also learnt the aspects of planets too, now we will move on to the Rashis or 12 zodiac signs in the next level or chapter. To know more or want to explore your astrological knowledge, visit to the next page. Top Best Jyotish In Noida offers you remarkable solution in astrology and helps you live your life happily.

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