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Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis

Yuvraj Singh: Former Famous Indian International Cricketer

Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis: Yuvraj Singh, popular former Indian Cricketer, became famous for his elegant stroke play and match winning all round performances for India. This Left handed middle order batsman and bowler made multiple records in the history of cricket world, in that the most famous hit was the 6 sixes in one over against England in 2007 in T20. In Compliance with Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, He also gets included in the list of recipients of Arjun and Padam Shri national awards.

Know More About Yuvraj Singh By Means Of Astrological Readings

Find out the so called reasons behind the success and fame of Yuvraj Singh with the help of Vedic Astrology. Taking into consideration Yuvraj Singh Astrological Analysis, We prepared the chart for your thorough understanding of astrological concepts by analyzing his Horoscope in a best possible way:

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth: 12 December 1981
Time Of Birth: 21:45 HRS
Place Of Birth: Chandigarh

What Yuvraj Singh’s Natal Chart Has To Reveal?

Yuvraj Singh Horoscope

As per Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, Cancer Ascendant is rising in his horoscope ruled by the planet Moon positioned in his 12th house of foreign land and expenditures. With the help of Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, It makes him more inclined towards the foreign sources and provides gains through foreign land too. In Compliance with Yuvraj Singh Astrological Analysis, Sometimes, it makes him very imaginative too and busy in his own world too. It shows his education either gets broken in early childhood or did it from foreign University or far away place from his birth place. Rahu is also placed in his house of personality; it indicates that he wants to do something different in his life or the streak of line, as Rahu indicates the different work from others. This placement of Rahu made him popular in the society as well as at international level too. In the manner of Yuvraj Singh Astrological Analysis, Venus also influencing to his personality, which makes him creative, artistic and gives him an attractive personality too. He has the Gemini Moon sign ruled by the planet Mercury positioned in your 5th house of education and intellect; it makes him intellectual, good communicator and youthful kind of person. He is very caring and family-oriented individual.

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How Yuvraj Singh’s Enters In Sports?

In Alignment with Yuvraj Singh Astrological Analysis, he was born under Rahu Mahadasha and it also ended in December 1987 during his childhood. He was born in the sports family of Yograj Singh, a former Indian Cricketer. After December 1987, he got entered in the Jupiter Mahadasha, which is good for him and made him fortunate too and placed well too. Jupiter also aspects to the 10th house of career and is the 6th house lord too, which had arisen his interest in Sports being the lord of 6th house of sports activities. On the strength of Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, In this period of Jupiter, he had frequent travels too. In his early childhood, he was interested to Tennis and roller Skating, he was good in both and had won the national championship under-14 too in his Jupiter Mahadasa and Mercury Antardasha, as Mercury is the lord of his 3rd house and placed in 5th house, so made him good in these sports too wherein the hands movements are involved a lot. However, it was his father who wanted him to see in Cricket instead of pursuing these tennis and Skating games. So he started his son to take for the training every day during his teen age.

Taking into consideration Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, Now it became the reason of getting started his career in Cricket. He was undergoing with the Antardasha of Venus, when he started his professional career in Under 16 at the age of 14 during 1995-1996. As Stated by Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, Venus is the planet of luxury and attracts the crowd a lot, so he entered in this period in the game of Cricket, which is well known and attracts lots of people world wide. On the basis of Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, His first out breaking performance was noticed in 1999 during his Jupiter Mahadasha and Sun Antardasha, as Sun is the lord of wealth and placed well in 5th house, so it provided him the strength during its period to perform well.

In Consonance with Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, When he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Jupiter and Antardasha of Moon, he performed well in 2000 in Under-19 Cricket World cup. As Moon is placed in 12th house of foreign land, so he got the chance to play at international level in under-19 team and in the same year he got noticed for his performance and got the chance to play at the national level.

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Honours And Awards Received By Yuvraj Singh Explained Astrologically

Let’s Discuss about Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, he has made multiple records in Cricket world, and received numerous achievements and honours too, few of them have been explained below as per the astrological readings:

Conforming to Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, He was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Saturn and Antardasha of Mercury in 2007 and he hits six sixes in a single over. Saturn is placed in 3rd house, which gives him good power to play and Mercury being the lord of 3rd house provided him a fast speed or frequency.

As Believed by Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, He was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Saturn and Antardasha of Venus in 2011, and he received the man of the match award in ICC cricket world cup. Venus is the lord of 11th house of gains and placed in 7th house, which helped him to receive this award and became more popular for his wonderful performance.

In 2012, he was honoured with the “Arjun Award” by the GOI during the same period of Saturn-Venus,

According to Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, In 2014, he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Saturn and Antardasha of Sun, he received “Padam Shree” award by GOI. Sun represents the Government or authority and also the lord of 2nd house, so helped him to get this national award.

An Astrological Interpretation On His Personal Life

As specified by Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, his 7th house of marriage and partnership is ruled by the Planet Saturn positioned in the 3rd house of efforts and communication. It indicates that he will have the late marriage in his life. Also Venus and Ketu both are present in his 7th house, which again delays his marriage, it also indicates that he may get married to the different cast or countries girl too. His wife will be very spiritual too. He was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Saturn and Antardasha of Moon in 2015 and 2016 when he got engaged and married respectively. As Stated by Yuvraj Singh Astrological Analysis, As Moon is first house lord and placed in 12th house of foreign land, which indicates that he got inclined more towards the foreign people so he got married to different country’s girl in 2015. Saturn is also the 7th house lord of marriage, so this became the good period for him to get married.

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What Yuvraj Singh’s Horoscope Reveals About His Future?

In keeping with Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, he has a very strong horoscope in terms of personality. He has charismatic personality and attracts numbers of people and fans. A very strong Raj Yoga as well as Dhan Yoga is forming in his 3rd house of efforts, communication and Hobbies with the conjunction of Saturn and Mars, which gives him immense strength to play with full energy. Depending on Yuvraj Singh Horoscope Analysis, It helped him to be physically fit and fine. He had the great support of his father too in his teachings who helped him to pursue Cricket as his career. At present, he is undergoing with the Mahadasha of Saturn lasting till December 14, 2022. It is a good period for him and he likes to spend quality time with his near and dear ones in this period. In view of Yuvraj Singh Astrological Analysis, After this period of Saturn, he will enter the period of Mercury for the next 17 years, which will help him to get the good gains through the foreign associations. Thus, by all means he has the great future ahead and will keep on serving to the needy people and come out as a philanthropist too.

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We wish him a good luck for his future endeavours and keep on inspiring others!

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