Published On : November 5, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Shani Pradosh Vrat

Shani Pradosh Vrat is a Religious Observance

Shani Pradosh Vrat is a religious observance of a fast done by devotees to please lord Saturn.

Shani Pradosh Vrat day, worshipping Lord Shiva and Lord Saturn is said to bless a devotee with peace, happiness, good fortunes, and prosperity. Anyone suffering from temporal problems can have them removed by observing Shani Pradosh Vrat. In other words, it is one of the most effective remedial measures for attaining a life of peace and prosperity devoid of any temporal issues. The vrat that is observed on this day is typically done in the evening time known as the Pradosh period.

What Is The Significance Of Observing Shani Pradosh Vrat?

Speaking from a religious standpoint, the significance of observing Shani Pradosh Vrat is huge, considering you as a devotee get various fruitful results out of it, including peace, happiness and removal of obstacles in your life. Moreover, it is believed that if a devotee worships Lord Shiva along with Lord Saturn on this day will get their desires fulfilled or attain what they wish in life. One may also attain the blessings of these deities. Moreover, observing fast on this day can also mean attaining divine salvation after death.

Methods For Shani Pradosh Vrat Puja

Shani Pradosh Vrat puja is said to be observed during Pradosh period. As a devotee, you must wake up early in the morning, finish your daily routine, take a holy bath, wear fine clothes, and worship Lord Shiva by chanting his mantras. Ingredients involved in the puja include BilvaPatra, Akshat, Diya, Gangajal, etc. Offer holy water to Lord Shiva. Moreover, at the Lord Saturn temple, lit a diya, and worship him.

What Are The Benefits Of Observing Shani Pradosh Vrat?

The benefits of observing Shani Pradosh Vrat are many. As a devotee, you get to experience the fruitful result of success in your desired pursuit. Moreover, an experience of peaceful living will also dawn upon your life.

Shani Pradosh Vrat – Benefits:

  • The blessing of healthy progeny.
  • All the desires or wishes get fulfilled.
  • Devotees get promotions in jobs.
  • One leads a prosperous lifestyle.
  • It removes obstacles on your way to success.
  • It also purifies your Chandra Tatva (lunar element). This means attaining a calm temperament.
  • Observing fast on this day can bring forth happiness and peace in your marriage.

What Are the Legends Associated With Shani Pradosh Vrat?

According to one of the legends, lord Moon got Tuberculosis. The disease made his life hellish as the pain was insufferable. Lord Shiva helped him rid of the disease, giving him a new life on Trayodashi. Since then, the day was called Pradosh.

According to another legend, there lived a merchant and his wife. Though they were enjoying a prosperous lifestyle, they didn’t have any children due to which they always remained worried. Once the couple decided to go on pilgrimage and on their way, they came across a sage observing meditation. They thought of seeking the blessing from the sage and so waited until he opened his eyes. Finding the couple before him, the sage asked them for their presence. At this, the couple said they were waiting for him for his blessings. The sage said he was aware of their sorrows and advised the couple to observe Shani Pradosh Vrat. He also told them the methods for Shani Pradosh Vrat puja. They sought the blessings of the sage, and after returning from the pilgrimage, both the couple observed Shani Pradosh Vrat, which resulted in the birth of a beautiful child in their life.


Shani Pradosh Vrat is a religious observance of fast dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Saturn to earn their blessings for peace, happiness and prosperity. Devotees observe fast and worship these deities at their respective temples on this day.

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