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Original Siddh Rosary Mala

Purchase Pure And Original Rosary Mala

Original Rosary Mala (or Rosary beads) is a sacred Mala used as prayer beads in Hindu religion. Original Rosary stores positive cosmic energy waves within it and starts emitting the same into the environment. The impacts become more powerful while using it at prayers with the resonance of sacred hymns. Know more about the rosary mala and its significance in Vedic Astrology below before getting it:

What is Original Rosary Mala?

Rosary Mala is a “Jaap Mala”, that means a string of holy beads puts together in order to keep a count of number of mantras chanted by a person at the time of prayer. It is an important prayer item easily found in Hindu homes. It usually consists of 108 beads, as per Hindu ancient texts, 108 represents the universe and controls our success. We have 12 zodiac signs and 9 planets in the universe, so by multiplying it, we get 108, the number representing the universal energies. The beads source could be rudraksha, moonga (coral), moti (pearl), sphatik, haldi, rakt chandan, Shwet chandan, parad etc.

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Why Is Mala Important In Vedic Astrology?        

In Vedic Astrology, the holy beads rudraksha, gemstones and other items representing divine energies are considered to be very auspicious and associated with certain planet, so many astrologers recommend the rosary mala or Rosary Beads as a remedial tool to the native in order to get the blessings of particular planet and reduce the negative influences in life.

How To Know The Relevant Rosary Mala?

To recommend the relevant or suitable Mala, an expert astrologer first tries to analyze the horoscope of an individual in order to find out the actual afflictions, and then based on the planetary alignment, the rosary mala is recommended to be worn. It will help the native to feel the positivity and enjoy the peace & harmony in every sphere of life with the positive cosmic energies of Original Rosary Mala. Are persistent problems taking their toll on your health? Consult Best Astrologer in South Delhi for thorough analysis and solutions of your problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Original Rosary Mala?                            

The various varieties of rosary mala has its own significance and importance, however, some common benefits of the Original Rosary mala are as follows for your convenience:

  • It creates protection against evil eyes
  • It enables one to attain the wealth and prosperity in life
  • One gets the peace of mid with the positive cosmic energy of rosary all around
  • One get the mental as well as physical pleasure in life.
  • Chanting Mantras with the help of rosary helps us understanding the will of God in our life
  • It enables one while meditating and get the positive side of brain and mood
  • It helps one to ward off the negativities of life.
  • One gets the focus and concentration towards the ultimate goal of life
  • It helps one to get transformed and makes calmer.
  • Regular praying with rosary mala helps one to keep the all time blessings of Maa laxmi.
  • It helps one to cure multiple diseases too by reducing the ill impacts of malefic planets.
  • One attains positivity and more optimistic approach towards life

What Are The Names Of Rosary Malas?

We have the verities of rosary mala for you, you can find below the rosary mala with its associated benefits which can suit you better. All are Siddha Malas, which means all are energized by the certain procedure as defined in Hindu scriptures:

Siddh Rudraksha Mala: As Rudraksha is associated with Lord Shiva, so it has the great significance in Vedic Astrology. It helps one to get rid of all sorts of evil eyes and negative influence of malefic planets. With the blessings of Lord Shiva, the focus and concentration would also become good towards ultimate goal. It helps you in attaining spiritual growth too.

Siddh Moonga Mala: Moonga or Coral is attached to planet Mars, it enables one to get the confidence, success in business or career with enhanced leadership abilities. With the blessings of Lord Hanuman, you become financially strong and it will also help to reduce your mangalik dosha too.

Siddh Moti Mala: Moti or pearl is attached to planet Moon in Vedic Astrology. It helps one to attain peace of mind, stability and get rid of emotional insecurity too. With this, blessings of Lord Shiva help one in every shortcomings of life.

Siddh Sphatik Mala: Sphatik enables one to repel the negative energy force in life. Thus, by wearing this Mala, you get progress in your life and will enjoy the peace of mind, harmony and become financially stable too.

Siddh Haldi Mala: Haldi is a herb and referred to Lord Vishnu and planet Jupiter in Vedic Astrology. It also helps one to repel the negative energy and attract the positive cosmic waves to make you positive in all way. One gets wisdom and prosperity in life.

Siddh Rakt Chandan Mala: Rakt chandan mala is attached to Mars and helps one to boost confidence and repel the negative energy force in life. One gets the name, fame and prosperity in life. Stability in life would come with the strong leadership abilities.

Siddh Shwet Chandan Mala: Shwet Chadndan enables one to come out form any kind of stress, it is considered to be attached with the planet Rahu, which helps one to get cured form any issues related to distress, wavering thoughts and prevail the stability & peace of mind in life. Positive thinking helps the native all times by wearing this Mala.

Siddh Parad Mala: Parad is attached to the planet Mercury and the parad rosary helps one to provide the positive side of planet Mercury by reducing the afflictions on it. One gets the sharp memory, high intelligence and gets an improvement in health and enjoys all around success.

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