Published On : September 2, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Lord Shri Ganesha

Who Is Lord Ganesha?

Know About Lord Ganesha: Lord Ganesha is a famous divinity held in high regard and is worshipped by Hindu devotees from all over India. According to mythology, the deity is the son of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati and has a brother named Kartikeya. Shubh and Labha both are his children. Though Ganesha is viewed as a deity who maintains celibacy, however, in certain mythological references, he is said to have married Buddhi and Siddhi, and Riddhi. The physical structure of Ganesha is of an elephant-headed divinity.

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How Lord Ganesha Was Born?

Lord Ganesha with the form of an elephant-headed god was born through an unfortunate incident involving Lord Shiva who beheaded him out of rage for disobeying his direct order. The story is when Mata Parvati went to take a bath, she carried some turmeric paste with her and created a human form out of it. She breathed life into the human form which then caused the birth of a boy. Mata Parvati embraced the boy as her son and instructed him to keep vigil at the main gate and forbid entry of anyone until she is done bathing herself. As a staunch devotee to motherly instruction, the boy stood guarding the main gate.

A few moments later, Lord Shiva happened to enter the main gate when he was stopped by the boy. Here, both of them are unaware of each other’s true identity and in the moment of ignorance, Lord Shiva got enraged at the boy’s persistent refusal to let him pass through the main gate. Lord Shiva then severed the head of the boy with his trident. Hearing the commotion and shriek of the boy before being beheaded, Mata Parvati hurried to the spot only to find her son lying lifeless. Wailing uncontrollably, she revealed the identity of the boy to Lord Shiva, who, out of sheer remorse, agreed to make the boy alive.

Though the strike of the trident made it impossible to join the severed head back to the torso, Lord Shiva ordered his bull, Nandi to bring back the head of anyone or anything he heaves the first sight. It was an elephant’s baby that he saw first and brought back its head to Lord Shiva. Thus, the elephant-headed boy later was known as Ganesha.

An Interesting Fact About Lord Ganesha

One of the interesting facts about Lord Ganesha is that he was blessed with the boon that he would be the deity to be worshipped first before any divine beings on any worship-related occasions.

This means, if lord Ganesha is not invoked before commencing any puja, then the particular worship will not be considered auspicious and the true benefit of the same will not happen in the life of someone to whose name the puja is dedicated.

Why Is Lord Ganesha Worshipped?

Lord Ganesha is the symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and prosperity. Therefore, any devotee who worships the lord gets in his/her life abundant knowledge and wisdom prosperity in the lives of devotees comes aplenty with the blessing of Lord Ganesha.

What Are The Benefits Of Worshipping Lord Ganesha?

  • People who are seeking life blessed with opulence or prosperity attain the same by worshipping Lord Ganesha.
  • The deity blesses the devotees with good fortune.
  • One attains a sheer level of knowledge and wisdom in their life.
  • Worshipping Lord Ganesha rids of all obstacles one may have in their life.
  • Those who are quick-temper and can’t control rage at any moment should worship lord Ganesha to get patience.
  • One gets a peaceful living experience with the divine blessing of Ganesha.

Winding-Up Lord Ganesha is one of the most famous divine beings worshipped by countless Hindu devotees to attain peace, knowledge, good fortune, and prosperity in their lives. Lord Ganesha is a merciful divinity who blesses his devotees with all types of comforts and pleasures in their lives. He is the divine almighty who is worshipped first before any deity in any puja occasion. There are some great benefits of worshipping Lord Ganesha, and attaining a peaceful living experience is one of them.

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