Published On : January 30, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Putrada Ekadashi

An Introduction About Putrada Ekadashi

The significance of Ekadashi in the Hindu religion is immeasurable. Shravana Shukla is one of the names of Ekadashi which is also known as Putrada. Putrada Ekadashi is one of the rituals that hold significance in a religious context, such as it takes place on the 11th lunar day called Ekadashi of the fortnight of the waxing moon.

Story Behind Putrada Ekadashi

The legend has it that once Yudhishthira asked Lord Krishna about Ekadashi, its values, methods to observe fast during Ekadashi, and religious significance of the festival. At this, Lord Shri Krishna told Yudhishthira that Putrada Ekadashi is so pure that by merely listening to its story, one attains divine salvation. Lord Krishna further added that there once lived a town called Mahishmati which was ruled by a king, Mahijit. The king was issueless, which caused him to anguish beyond words to describe. Royal ostentation without a son seemed tasteless to the king. He believed that a king without offspring doesn’t get peace and happiness on earth and in heaven.

All the methods that the king adopted to become a father of a baby bore no fruit. When the king neared old age, he called up dignitaries and public representatives and asked them why someone like him who never extorted wealth from anyone, coerced anyone, never took someone’s property, never hated anyone, and treated his subjects as his children are issueless. All the royal ministers and public representatives listened to the king’s grievance and to find out the reason behind his sorrow, they headed to the forest to meet some illustrious sages. They were looking for a profoundly qualified sage who could have fulfilled the desire of the king for the attainment of a son.

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Eventually, they came across a very famous sage, Lomash.

When he saw royal ministers at his doorstep, he asked what brought them to his doorstep. He assured them of all the helps he could extend to them. At this, the royal ministers told the sage everything that accounted for their presence at Lomash sage’s residence. After hearing their sorrowful tale of the ill-fated king, Lomash sage closed his eyes and recollected the past birth of the king and came to know that the king was a poor Vaishya in his past birth. The poverty drove him to commit wrongdoings.

One day, during the Ekadashi period, he went to drink water from a pond. He was very thirsty and hungry. There he spotted a thirsty cow drinking the water from the same pond. The king drove away from the cow and started to drink water. The sin of depriving the cow of drinking the water caused him to suffer the pain of being issueless in his current birth. When the royal ministers and representatives listened to the story of Lomash sage, they requested him to devise a plan so that the king would come out of the sin of his past birth. At this, the sage advised them to observe fast during Putrada Ekadashi, follow the ritual of Jagaran, and pray to the Lord. This will rid of all the sins that the king committed in his past birth. And at the end of the day, the king will be blessed with a baby boy. All the ministers and representatives felt elated after hearing the advice of Lomash safe. Back to the kingdom, they followed the advice of the sage during Putrada Ekadashi. Their religious practice bore fruit and the queen was blessed with a baby boy. That is why the festival is known as Putrada.

Significance Of Putrada Ekadashi

The significance of Putrada Ekadashi is that it fulfills the desire of someone who wishes to get blessed with a baby. Besides, following the rituals during the auspicious day of Putrada can also rid you of all the sins. Divine salvation is attained when a devotee performs fast and offers prayer to the divine lord during Putrada Ekadashi. The curse of past sins gets completely removed after following the rituals during Putrada Ekadashi.


Putrada Ekadashi is one of the most famous, sacred, and auspicious festivals in India. Devotees observe the festival with great reverence shown to the divine lord. Not only does it help you fulfill the coveted desire of attaining a healthy baby, but the festival is also famed to give a devotee peace, happiness, prosperity, and divine salvation.

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