Published On : September 29, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Goddess Kushmanda

Who Is Goddess Kushmanda?

Know About Maa Kushmanda: The Hindu religious texts make mention of countless gods and goddesses. Mata Durga is one of them, a supreme divine almighty who was born out of cosmic rays of Trinity Gods and other divine benefits. Devi Kushmanda is the fourth divine embodiment of Mata Durga. For this reason, she is held in deep regard by devotees. Special occasions like Navratri mark celebration and worship of Goddess Kushmanda to which her devotees offer her prayer and respects to the divine being. Goddess Kushmanda is also believed by the staunch believer of Kalikula tradition, that she is the fourth incarnation of none other than Mata Parvati herself.

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Legend Of Goddess Kushmanda

The belief associated with Mata Kushmanda is that she is the divine manifestation of Mata Shakti and is the creator of the Universe. She is the dispeller of the dark force and so is the savior of devotees from malignant and harmful cosmic bodies.

Mata Kushmanda was born to save the Universe from the utter darkness that had consumed its grace and hope of survival. There was nothing but darkness all around. Under such troubled times, there she appears, a Divine Lady, a dazzling grace of beauty that dispelled darkness in the Universe. She was the divinity bearing ceaseless smile on her face who was called goddess Goddess Kushmanda. Hence, she is hailed as the creator of the Universe with her silent smile. She produced the Cosmic egg, ended the prolonged darkness, and created the Universe,enlivening its souls with her smile. She brought life to cosmic bodies, earthly objects and creatures, and the galaxies, including the Sun to sustain life in the Universe. She dwells within the core of Lord Sun to maintain a balance in the universe and sustains life in it. She is the divine source that illuminates the fiery light of the sun.

Benefits Of Worshipping Goddess Kushmanda On Navratri

  • Since Mata Kushmanda resides in the core of the sun god, she becomes the dispeller of darkness from a person’s life who worships her during Navratri.
  • One gets desired success in academic pursuit and positive results in different areas.
  • Pursuit of career success becomes successful and meets with desired results.
  • Problems of any extent get resolved and you get to meet with the positive outcome of your efforts in your life.
  • Mata Kushmanda blesses her devotees with a peaceful living experience.
  • Prosperity in life comes in abundance.
  • Mata Kushmanda’s divine energy heals diseases, calms the mind, and emancipates the souls.


Mata Kushmanda is the fourth divine form of Mata Durga. She is said to be the creator of the universe by dispelling the darkness that once gripped it for eons. Goddess Kushmanda is believed to be benevolent for her devotees and blesses them with peace, grace, bravery, and prosperity in their lives. Moreover, the worship of the deity can also improve your intellectual level and provides you with spiritual refinement. The puja of goddess Kushmanda must be done properly so that you can gain maximum benefits out of it. Better have the puja organized under the supervision of an erudite priest.

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