Published On : September 25, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Goddess Durga

Maa Durga As The Divine Status Of Kindness And Bravery

The Indian mythological texts script grand narratives of divine beings prominent for their respective divine attributes. And Goddess Durga or Mata Durga is one such divinity whose grandeur and magnificence are boundless and devotion for her always stay kindled in the hearts of her countless devotees from all over India and from other parts of the world where Hindu religion and cultural sanctity live and thrive.

Mata Durga has a divine status of kindness and gallantry as she is the epitome of both the virtues exemplified in her way of protecting devotees from malignant dangers coming from cosmic bodies, and showing kindness to the needy by blessing them peace and opulence in their lives.

The popularity of Mata Durga is far and wide and she is revered with boundless devotions shown by her devotees. She is one of the divinities symbolizing bravery, power, destruction, and most of all, the spirit of motherhood. She is symbolized as the liberator of the oppressed from the clutches of tyranny, something that makes her divine status more standout among devotees. The telling tale of the divine power of deity Durga proudly reveals that she combats evil and demonic forces and institutionalizes peace and happiness in the world order. 

She is the supreme Divine Being whose mere presence in your life could pronounce a ceaseless flow of peace, happiness, wellbeing, and prosperity.

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Origin Of Mata Durga

The origin of Mata Durga is a tale of dimensional variants. Some mythological texts say that she took the form of Mata Kali to destroy the evil and demonic forces. However, the most credible tale so far makes the mention of Mata Durga’s origin as inevitable and timely, when the growing tyranny of demon king Mahishasura continued unabated, plummeting the world peace into great chaos. Mata Durga is the incarnation of combined divine forces of gods, including Trideva (Brahman, Vishnu, and Mahesh). This explains why she is the mightiest of all other divine beings. Her incarnation was timely intervention in mounting power and tyranny of demon, Mahishasura, whom Mata Durga killed.

Importance Of Worshipping Mata Durga

Mata Durga is the symbol of bravery and kindness. Her worship during special occasions like Navratri is hailed as an important ritual for devotees, considering the day amounts to divine sanctity of attaining peace and wellbeing with the worship of Mata Durga. Moreover, the importance of offering your prayer to the deity lies in the fact that it causes spiritual refinement of one’s conscience.

Benefits Of Worshipping Mata Durga

  • Removes planetary doshas, thus manifesting in your life success.
  • Good for students pursuing academic or related activities.
  • Success is bound to happen in any pursuit
  • It rids evil forces in your life, thus making you blessed with peace and serenity.
  • Abundant wellbeing and prosperity come in life with Mata Durga’s worship.


Mata Durga is the divine manifestation of brave and kind divinity held in reverence by her countless devotees all over India and from other parts of the world where Hindu culture lives and thrives. Mata Durga is the symbol of everything constituting divine sanctity and reverence. This explains why she is one of the most popular and revered divinities in the Hindu religion.

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