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Navratri Durga Puja

What Does Ashwin Navratri Stand For?

Ashwin Navratri is one of the most important and famous religious occasions celebrated by countless devotees. The day is special because it commemorates the goddess Durga. She is one of the most powerful forms of Divine Beings created out of cosmic rays called Shaktipunj of Gods, including Lord Brahman, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Mahesh (Shiva). This is the reason why Mata Durga is a symbol of infinite divine power. She is hailed as an incarnation of supreme divine energy called Shakti.

What Is Ashwin Navratri Famous For?

First of all, Navratri is one of the most popular religious occasions held in nine-night orders. The reason why it is famous is that the occasion commemorates Goddess Durga. And Mata Durga is famous for being the embodiment of divine energy called Shakti. She is omnipotent and giver of boons for peace and prosperity in the lives of devotees who hold her divine form in boundless respect. The festival of Navratri is to take place in September or October, representing the jubilation of devotees from all over the country. They offer their prayers and regards to the divinity.

Ashwin Navratri is also known as Maha Navratri. The reason behind this is that it is the festival celebrated right before Dussehra. On the tenth day, the celebration commemorates the victory of justice over the unjust.

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Why Is Mata Durga Worshipped During The Navratri Occasion?

Mata Durga is a manifestation of everything that makes her divinity. She is a merciful deity who looks after the needy and helpless; she is the omnipotent goddess who provides her devotees with divine protection from malefic planetary impacts, evil eyes, or any malignant cosmic bodies.

It is believed that the divine power of Mata Durga grows boundlessly during special occasions, like Navratri. This is the occasion that marks the celebration of Mata Durga through worships, dance, and prayers of jubilant devotees. The puja dedicated to Mata Durga on Navratri bears the fruit of peace and prosperity, among other benefits in the life of devotees.

What Are The Benefits Associated With Worshipping Mata Durga During Ashwin Navratri?

There are some of the notable benefits one can attain after worshiping Mata Durga during Ashwin Navratri. These benefits are –

  • Since Mata Durga is the symbolic gesture of a divine being made out of cosmic incarnation, she can protect you from any imaginable threat coming from cosmic or planetary transits, evil eyes, or any factors related to astrology or numerology.
  • One of the benefits you can attain is a peaceful living experience, considering Mata Durga rids of your life’s problems that cause troubles and undue obstacles in your chosen endeavor.
  • One attains divine salvation.
  • Devotees get the benefit of eternal blessings from Mata Durga.
  • If one recites Durga Chalisa religiously, the benefits one attains are miraculous, as the devotee can feel the surge of positive energy within himself that empowers him to fight against evil elements.
  • One attains the benefit of respect in social status.
  • Attainment of prosperity is one of the most notable benefits one can get from worshipping Mata Durga.

What Matters Most In Pleasing Mata Durga?

In religious texts, it is mentioned that divine beings are not hungry for ostentation, piety, or austerity. They care for your DEVOTION. That said, you will get her divine favor equal to the degree of devotion you have for the deity. Moreover, it is also advisable to get Navratri Durga Puja conducted under the supervision of an erudite and veteran Vedic priest. As a result of this, the benefit you get from Navratri Durga puja is miraculous and full of healing effects.


Mata Durga is one of the most famous divine entities in the Hindu religion. The worship of Mata Durga during Ashwin Navratri is said to be quite miraculous. The reason you must worship Mata Durga during special occasions, such as Ashwin Navratri is that it comforts you in times of grief. Besides, the deity blesses you with power that defeats evil forces and helps you get coveted results in your pursuit of success and growth in your chosen activity. One very clear about Mata Durga is that she looks after her devotees in times of dire needs. She is considered merciful and protector of devotees.

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