Published On : March 4, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Annapoorna Ashtami

Annapurna Ashtami Values And Legend

Annapurna Ashtami is one of the most religiously-revered festivals in India. It is celebrated in the name of the goddess, Mata Annapurna who is considered as the deity of food and nourishment.

This is the reason why this festival draws the attention of countless devotees of Devi Annapurna, considering the day marks the worshipping of the deity in which devotees offer their prayers and respects to the goddess and ask for them the wellbeing and blessed living.

So, Annapurna Ashtami is an auspicious occasion in which Devi Annapurna, who is the incarnation of Mata Parvati, is worshipped. Moreover, the festival represents the spirit of Indian culture by offering food, hence being one of the greatest Festivals for highlighting this aspect of the Hindu religion.

Importance of Annapurna Ashtami

The day of Annapurna Ashtami commemorates the celebration of Mata Annapurna who is revered as the deity of nourishment and who also happens to be the incarnation of Mata Parvati. Moreover, the occasion of Annapurna Ashtami represents the festivals in India that celebrate food. in this sense, it represents or highlights the Hindu culture of giving importance to food in our lives.

In other words, the festival enhances the value that food and nourishment hold in our lives. Since the goddess Annapurna is the deity of nourishment, Annapurna Ashtami, therefore, marks the significance of worshipping Mata Annapurna to make one’s life blessed with good fortunes and enhanced living standards

Another importance associated with Annapurna Ashtami is that it represents the cultural values of Hinduism that values food and its presence in the life of human beings. This is because worshipping and offering food is considered one of the revered rituals in Hinduism.

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Legend of Mata Annapurna

The legend has it that once Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati argued about the material world, to which Shiva condescended the value of materialistic things, term them “illusion”. Since Parvati is the deity of materialistic aspects, she, therefore, didn’t take the opinion of Shiva lightly and thought of showing the importance of her to Shiva and the world.

So, Parvati disappeared, plunging the world into complete starvation and famine. From earthling to divine beings in heaven, everyone begged for food but couldn’t find it. Eventually, Shiva and his followers came to know that there was a kitchen in Varanasi (Kashi) with some food available.

They went to Kashi to beg for food, but surprisingly found that the kitchen was owned by Shiva’s wife, Parvati, but in the form of Annapurna clad in fine celestial purpose and brown garments. She was seated on a throne and was distributing foods to the needy on the earth. Devi Annapurna offered food as alms to Shiva, thereby helping him understand the value of food.

Annapurna Ashtami – Benefits

  • One gets the blessing of Mata Annapurna
  • You achieve spiritual knowledge and inner freedom.
  • Prosperity dwells in one’s life.
  • One gets nourishment and healthy living


Annapurna Ashtami is one of the famous festivals in India. It is dedicated to Mata Annapurna, an incarnation of Mata Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva. During the festival, the divine representation of Mata Annapurna as food and nourishment is worshipped. This means the festival signifies the cultural value of respecting and offering food in Hinduism.

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