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Marital Problems Solution Astrology

Marital Problems Solution/ Divorce or Separation Solution

Marriage is a sacred union of two entities or people to establish a long-lasting bond. Tying a knot with someone special is helpful in facing any shortcomings of life together. We deal with any situation together coming in a way. Under the marrying status, we share or exchange our thoughts and understand each other so as to help each other in any downfall. However, what if, couples do not agree with the behavioral pattern of each other? What if they start arguing unnecessarily with each other? What if they are unable to live with each other? With this, the problem in marital life arises. 

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Resolve Marital Problems: Seek Support, Reconnect, and Strengthen Bonds Together.

What are marital problems or separation issues?

The marital problem arises after getting married between the couple. When people do not want to share that sacred bond anymore, then it gives rise to marital problems. According to the present scenario, the problem can be any one of the following to create an issue between the couple:

  • Anytime if any one partner has an extramarital affair or starts cheating on his/her spouse, then marital discord start arising. It increases the situation of getting separated or divorced. 
  • Anytime getting the issues related to physical pleasures or bed pleasures between couples, it gives rise to the lack of love between couples, which creates stress and frustration. Hence the harmony may get disturbed and one can not be able to enjoy a happy married life.
  • Anytime the differences in opinion or disagreements occur with the partner next to you, conflict arises. As everyone is not grown up with the same moral, belief system, or goal, so it becomes the most common problem for marital problems. 
  • Apart from it, there are certain other factors too, which include the age difference between the couples, traumatic situation wherein one partner doesn’t know how to handle the other one, financial issues after marriage, bored with the same partner, an urge of changing each other, communication gap, over possessiveness, anger, etc. This gives rise to marital discord. 

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Are there chances to get divorced after marriage as per your birth chart?

As per your birth chart, you would know the chances of getting divorced or separated after marriage. The certain planetary alignments present in your horoscope cause separation or divorce. 

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Astrological Reasons for Marital Problems?

There may be numerous factors responsible for the marital problems in Vedic Astrology such as:

  1. The 7th house of marriage or partnership is the main house seen to analyze the horoscope. If the condition of the 7th house is not good, then marital discord arises. 
  2. The placement of the 7th house lord i.e for instance, if the 7th house lord is placed in Dusthana houses or bad houses of the horoscope, then it gives the marital disputes. 
  3. An influence of malefic planets such as Saturn, Mars, Rahu & Ketu on the 7th house or its lord. It gives rise to the traumatic condition after marriage. 
  4. The existence of Mangalik Dosha
  5. The placement of the planet Moon from one another. Since Moon governs the mind, emotions, and sentiments, so it should be clearly analyzed in a horoscope. 
  6. The placement of Venus in one’s horoscope as Venus is the main significator of marital happiness. Anytime afflicted Venus in one’s horoscope causes the marital disharmony.
  7. If there is a less score in Ashtakoot Guna Milan, then it gives the conflict in marital life.
  8. Apart from it, other varga charts such as navamsa chart also cause marital disputes. 

The Marital Problems Solution Astrology offered by the Best Astrologer In India offers you reliable, and authentic solutions to your marital problems, thus helping you bring forth peace and harmonious living experience in your marriage.

How Astrology Can Solve Marital Problems?

Astrology is a traditional science wherein the study of planets & constellation is done to analyze the impact of planets in one’s life. The birth chart is prepared at the time of birth of an individual. So planets occupy a certain position in the birth chart of an individual. Thus, determining the weak planet or any affliction in the birth chart can be seen through astrology. It helps in maintaining long-lasting relationships and reducing the obstacles in marital life with effective remedies. 

What are the Effective Astrological Remedies for Marital Problems?

According to the horoscope, the perfect resolution to the problem is determined. There are numerous methods described in Vedic Astrology to resolve marital problems such as recommending gemstones, pujas, Anusthan, yantra, rudraksha, mantra, etc. How it becomes effective can be understood with the following examples:

1. To strengthen the planet Moon with the help of getting suitable Gemstones, Yantra, Rudraksha, Puja, or mantra. It helps one to cope up well with the behaviour of each other and makes both more understanding in marriage.

2. To strengthen the power of planet Venus with the help of suitable remedies, it helps to improve the harmony and maintain peace within the couples. Also, the relationship would get strengthen with the suitable remedies pertaining to Venus.

Likewise, we have numerous astrological remedies suitable for a particular situation. The suitable remedies are given to the native to improve the marital joy and reduce the marital discord or getting separated from each other. These suitable remedies help one to regain the charm and refresh the relationship again. 

Marital Problems Solution Astrology gives you a reliable headway in your relationship like assisting you to maintain it with peaceful union by ironing out any scuffle. The Best Astrologer In Noida can help you sort out your marital issues so that you can enjoy the bliss of peace in it.

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