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Annakoot Govardhan Puja

Significance of the Annakoot Govardhan

Annakoot Govardhan Puja is a religious festival in India. It is celebrated by the devotees of Lord Krishna, as the festival is dedicated to divinity. The term ‘Annakoot’ stands for a variety of sweet and delicious foods offered to Lord Krishna, commemorating how the Lord protected the people of Braj (Mathura) from the wrath of Lord Indra who caused heavy rainfall as the people chose to worship one true divinity instead of him. The festival of, therefore, Annakoot Govardhan Puja is dedicated to Lord Krishna in which grateful people of Braj offered their gratitude and reverential regard to the divine being.

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What Is The Significance Of The Annakoot Govardhan Festival?

The significance of the Annakoot Govardhan festival lies in the fact that it is celebrated to commemorate the bravery of Lord Krishna who protected the people of Vrindavan from the wrath of Lord Indra by lifting Goverdhan Hill on his little finger, thus providing shelter to the defenceless people and livestock from the downpour caused by enraged Indra.

Based on this, the celebration of Annakoot Govardhan is held in deep regard by the staunch devotees of Krishna who offer reverential regard to the Lord for providing them unfailing protection from any danger and making their life blessed with peace, happiness and prosperity.

We can also say that Annakoot Govardhan commands great religious significance due to its association with Lord Krishna and representing the vibrant culture of Indian festivals. On this day, devotees offer a variety of sweet dishes/vegetarian foods to Lord Krishna as a sign of their devotion and reverence.

Why Is The Annakoot Govardhan Festival Celebrated?

The festival of Annakoot Govardhan is celebrated due to its utmost religious significance of worshipping Lord Krishna. This is the day commemorating the legend of Lord Krishna and his triumph over the arrogance of Lord Indra.

According to Bhagavata Purana, when Lord Krishna was spending his childhood in Braj, an incident took place. Actually, his cowherd friends who were living close to Govardhan Hill in a forest used to worship Lord Indra, the god of rain and storm. Seeing this, Lord Krishna questioned the relevancy of worshipping Lord Indra as he logically explained to the cowherds that there should be one and only divine lord to worship.

The logic of Krishna bore fruit as the people of Gokul agreed with this, thereby forsaking the worship of Lord Indra. The incident enraged lord Indra and in a fit of rage and arrogance, he thundered on the people of Gokul with rain and storms, thus causing heavy downpour and deluge putting an end to the life of people and livestock. However, Lord Krishna came to the rescue of the people, and lifted Goverdhan Hill on his little finger, thus providing shelter to the people and livestock under it for many days until the rage of Indra subsided and he accepted his defeat to Lord Krishna. Since then, Annakoot Govardhan Puja dedicated to Lord Krishna has been in practice.


Annakoot Govardhan puja is one of the most famous festivals in India celebrated by people who offer their reverential regard to Lord Krishna for peace, happiness and prosperity in life. The festival is believed to have come into existence post-victory of Lord Krishna over the arrogance of Lord Indra.

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