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About Onam

Onam, a festival of great religiosity and vibrancy is an auspicious day signalling the advent of harvest and rain flowers. This ten-day long festival has an unmistakable presence in the Indian state of Kerala where it is celebrated enthusiastically by people with great reverence. They offer prayers to the divine lord for peace and prosperity in their life. The festival takes place during Chingam and terms out from mid-august to mid-September.

Places that celebrate Onam in Kerala are Kali, Thiruvathira, Sadhya, Onavillu, Pulikali, and so on.

Why Is Onam Celebrated?

Why Onam is celebrated is based on the fact that it pays tribute to King Mahabali who is said to have visited the state on this day (Onam). In other words, the festival commemorates the homecoming of King Mahabali. The festival also commemorates Vamana, the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Tourists from all around the world feel captivated by Kerala’s exotic and exquisite taste, fragrances and breath-taking beauty of its expansive nature. Onam Festival, therefore, is a festival representing the cultural spirit of Kerala. Devotees celebrate the festival by offering reverential treatment to the divine being Lorde Vishnu associated with the festival.

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Why Is Onam Significant?

Onam is a festival representing varying spectrums of Kerala’s cultures and beauty. One can spot these beauties in things such as elaborately designed Pookalam, sweet-smelling Onasadya and breathtaking display of the Snake-boat race, one of the attractions of the festival. One can also get captivated by Kaikottikali Dance, one of the key attractions of Onam.

Moreover, Onam is significant as the festival is to be ancient signalling rice harvest, apart from signifying vibrant Indian culture.

History Of Onam Festival

The legend has it that the festival of Onam is celebrated to commemorate the homecoming of King Mahabali, a demon king but a kind-hearted ruler. The fame of King Mahabali as a generous and just king reached to Gods, who then approached Lord Vishnu requesting him to subdue the king without a battle with him. At this, Lord Vishnu incarnated as a dwarf monk known as Vamana. He visited the kingdom of Mahabali and met him.

The king asked him to demand anything – gold, livestock, food, anything he wished. The dwarf monk, however, demanded “three paces of land” to which the king consented. Vamana grew into a gigantic size and with his two paces, he took everything that the king Mahabali ever earned. Since the king was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, he didn’t want to break his promises and so requested Vamana to step over his head and complete his third-pace.

The devotion of such immeasurable gravity of the king pleased Lord Vishnu boundlessly. He granted the king a boon to which the king was allowed to visit the lands and subjects he used to rule.

The revisit of king Mahabali is now celebrated as a festival of Onam in Kerala.

Conclusion Onam is one of the most popular festivals in Kerala. It signifies the vibrancy of Indian culture through varying presentations that take place during the festival. It is celebrated to commemorate the revisit of king Mahabali. Moreover, the festival is also significant due to its beautiful representation of what India stands as a land of festivals.

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