Published On : September 4, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja is an Auspicious Festival Dedicate to Lord Sun

Chhath Puja is a religious festival observed on the sixth day of the lunar month of Kartika. The festival usually takes place on the sixth-day post conclusion of Diwali. On this day, Lord Sun is worshipped by the devotees. Devotees observe fast and perform rigorous rituals on this day to please the divine lord Sun for peace, happiness, good fortune, and success.

This is a four-day-long festival. Devotees who observe fast on Chhath worship lord Sun by standing in waist-deep water and offering Arghya to the sun in a gesture signifying utmost reverence shown by the devotees of the divine being, Sun. though the festival is dedicated to Lord Sun, it is often addressed as Chhath Maiya, signifying reverential regard paid to goddess Chhath.

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What Is The Significance Of Chhath Puja?

The religious significance of Chhath puja is profound, say, for instance, it is one of the most arduously-followed Religious festivals in India. Devotees, before undertaking Chhath puja, have to renounce anything tantamount to contaminating their religious adherence to Lord Sun. They are not supposed to eat foods and entertain negative thoughts in mind that might impure their observance of the festival. Moreover, devotees go through the process of preparing puja-related materials, including Thakua (a kind of sweet dish), and many other ingredients dedicated to Chhath puja.

Chhath puja is significant from the religious standpoint, that it makes the life of devotees divinely blessed, as the deity Chhath is held in great reverence and is believed to bless the devotees with peace, happiness, good life, prosperity, and success. In Mithila of Bihar, the sanctity of Chhath puja is maintained rigorously. Devotees follow rigorous rituals even before the day of Chhath puja is slated to happen.

On this day, places on the banks of any river or water pool are cleaned to make it look religiously presentable and sacred to conduct Chhath puja. Because one of the most important things that matters in Chhath puja is its sanctity which explains why the festival is regarded to be one of the most sensitively-rigorous celebrations. No mistake or breach of the ritualistic method is allowed as long as the festival is in effect.

What Involves In Chhath Puja?

  • Nahay-Khai – It is the beginning of Chhath puja. Devotees clean their houses and eat purely vegetarian foods, like rice, spinach, and vegetables.
  • Kharana – It follows a day later of Nahay-Khai. Devotees observe fast for the whole day. A kheer made by jaggery is the only food they use to break the fast in the evening. The next day, they follow Nirjala Vrat (waterless fast) for 36 hours.
  • Chhath Puja Ingredients – A basket made out of bamboo sticks, a Supa of bamboo’s birch or brass, a tumbler, a plate, milk, Ganga water, a Coconut, incense sticks, kumkum, wick, traditional vermilion, leaves of banana tree, honey, sweets, jaggery, diyas made out of earth clay, betel and nuts, 5 sugarcanes, banana, apples, Singhada, turmeric, reddish, zinger sapling, thakua, etc.

How Long Does Chhath Puja Last?

The festival of Chhath lasts four days, starting with Kartik Shukla Chaturthi. The festival concludes on Saptami of Kartika Shukla. Chhath puja takes place after the Diwali festival.

The first day of puja is called Nahay-Khai, the second day is Kharana, the third day involves Sandhya Arghya (offering reverential water to the Sun god), and the fourth and last day of the festival known as Usha Arghya involves worshipping the lord Sun. devotees break their fast on this day.

Conclusion Chhath puja is India’s one of the most auspicious, religious festivals celebrated in many Indian states, including Bihar and its Mithilanchal areas. The festival is known for its rigorous observance, given rituals to be followed during this four-day-long festival require adherence and compliance as per Vedic guidelines. Devotees observe fast and worship Lord Sun on Chhath puja for peace, happiness, removal of sufferings from their life, and success.

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