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Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis

Kumar Manglam Birla: Indian Billionaire Industrialist

Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis: Kumar Manglam Birla, Chairman of Aditya Birla group, belongs to the family of third largest business tycoons of India, and was born on June 14, 1967 at 8:45 AM in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. In Compliance with Kumar Manglam Birla Astrological Analysis, he is a chancellor of Birla Institute of Technology & Science. Recently, being a chancellor, he diversified the field of education by making the collaboration with London Business School for Global immersion, appreciated by many to get the exposure of new wave of entrepreneurship. With his exceptional leadership and visionary thoughts, he gets awarded as “CEO of the year” in 2016 by International Advertising Associations, Global Leadership Award by US India Business Council in 2014, NDTV Business Leadership Award in 2012 and many more.

Do You Wish To Know About Kumar Manglam Birla As Per Astrology Readings?

On the basis of Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, With the help of birth chart, we have prepared the horoscope analysis for those interested in knowing about business tycoon Kumar Manglam Birla, We have explained astrologically about the auspicious Yogas made him famous businessman of India. Let’s know what makes him different:

Birth Chart
DOB: June 14, 1967
TOB: 8:45 AM
POB: Calcutta, West Bengal

What Natal Chart Has In Store For Kumar Manglam Birla?

Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope

In the manner of Kumar Manglam Birla Astrological Analysis, Cancer ascendant is rising in his horoscope ruled by the planet Moon positioned in the 2nd house of wealth & family. This planetary combination makes him a caring person and the one who is also inclined towards the family. As specified by Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, It is a great “Dhan Yoga” getting formed in his horoscope, which will make him prosperous and wealthy throughout in his lifespan. With this placement of Moon, he is a kind of soft-spoken individual and will get the full support from his mother. This combination makes him the one who can generate good revenue and accumulate large amount of money by utilizing the family resources. Further, Jupiter is getting exalted in his ascendant making him very respectful, knowledgeable and a teacher kind of person who wants to get indulged in educational institutions as well. In keeping with Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, It makes him philanthropist too who is always ready to serve the mankind. An influence of Venus in his ascendant provides him a kind of comforts and luxury too in his life. This conjunction of Jupiter & Venus gives him a strong vision too. Further, the Moon sign is Leo, which gives him the royal thoughts and provides success in the fields related to food and chemicals. Rahu placement in 10th house provides him fame and respect in the outer world. It also makes him the strong leader too due to Mars aspect. Looking for Best Astrologer in South Delhi? Find him around the corner for an efficient astrological assistance.

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How He Started Getting Fame Being An Entrepreneur?

Let’s Discuss about Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, Birla was born under Ketu Mahadasha, and Ketu is placed in 4th house of comforts, so it indicates that his mother is spiritual and like to visit to the holy places and also stayed more with her parent’s home at the time of his birth. He has already been born in silver spoon and 4th generation member of Marwari Birla family. He was born in Kolkata, but raised in Mumbai, as he has Ketu in 4th house, so he left the place from where he has taken birth. As Stated by Kumar Manglam Birla Astrological Analysis, He did his schooling and college from Mumbai, and later went to London Business School for MBA and awarded by Master of Business Administration from University of London in 1992. At that time, he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Sun, and Sun is placed in the 11th house of awards and achievements, so it became the good period for him in terms of achievements.

On the strength of Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, From Sept 1995, he has entered in the Mahadasha of Moon and Antardasha of Rahu, as Rahu is placed in inimical sign of Mars and also 10th house of father is in Paap Kartari, so he lost his father in October 1995. As Believed by Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, He was then around 28 years old and with the death of his father, he started to take over the Aditya Birla Group in 1995 as a Chairman. Taking into consideration Kumar Manglam Birla Astrological Analysis, it became his journey for being an entrepreneur at an early age. In his tenure as a Chairman of this group, the net worth keeps on increasing, however, during 2017 to 2019, he incurred huge loss too about $6 billion, During this time, he was undergoing with the Antardasha of Saturn under Mahadasha of Rahu, it causes losses as Saturn being the ruler of 8th house of uncertainty too and shows the sudden losses too. Are you on lookout for affordable Vedic Astrology Services in Delhi? Consider us qualified resource for your quest.

Astrological Reasons To Attain The Awards And Achievements

Though he has received numerous awards in his lifespan, but we have analyzed few of them to let you know the reason behind his achievements:

In Alignment with Kumar Manglam Birla Astrological Analysis, In 2003, he received “Business Leader Award” by Economics Times in his Moon Mahadasha and Sun Antardasha, as Sun is placed well in 11th house of achievements so it has increased his status and reputation and provided him this award. In 2013, he was running with the Rahu Mahadasha, Rahu Antardasha and Sun Pratyantardasha, which was good and helped him to receive the same award.

Depending on Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, He was awarded by “Global Leadership Award” by US India Business Council in 2014 during his Jupiter Antardasha under Rahu Mahadasha, as Jupiter is exalted in his horoscope, so it has provided him respect and honour by this award.

Again he received the “CEO of the year” in 2016 by the International Advertising Associations in the same period of Rahu-Jupiter.

As Per Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, In 2010, he received “Indian of the year Award” by CNN-IBN, again, he was running with the Antardasha of Sun under Mahadasha of Mars, so for him planets Sun and Jupiter became good for his respect, recognition and awards most of the time. Conforming to Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, The period of Mars from 2004 to 2011 may not be good for him and due to ill placement and affliction on Mars; it also created some defamation too for coal scam.  Never lag behind from being updated with the latest information through our Indian Astrology Articles.

What Does Birla’s Personal Life & Marriage Enfold Explained Astrologically?

According to Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, the 7th house of marriage is ruled by the planet Saturn positioned in 9th house of luck & fortune, which indicates that his spouse come up with the good luck & fortune for him. He married to Neerja Birla in 1989 during the start of his Sun Mahadasha. Sun being the most beneficial planet for him in terms of gains so it created the marriage yoga too for him. Due to Saturn, his spouse is responsible, mature and likes visiting to long-distance places as well as religious places too. He is very attached to his mother and always do concern with his mother for his major steps of life. However, Ketu’s placement in 4th house indicates that he may not feel that much satisfaction at home and it makes him more incline towards spiritual deeds too.

What Upcoming Future Enfolds For Kumar Manglam Birla?

In Consonance with Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, he has multiple strong Raj Yogas and Dhan Yogas in his horoscope. The strongly placed Jupiter in his ascendant will always make him knowledgeable and respectful person throughout his life. In view of Kumar Manglam Birla Astrological Analysis, He will always be inclined towards the education too. At present, he is undergoing with the Rahu period, which though might provide some of the wavering thoughts, but it also indicates his fame in the outer world. With the help of Kumar Manglam Birla Horoscope Analysis, With his drawn endeavours, he receives automatically fame in the world due to this placement of Rahu. After this Rahu Mahadasha ends in 2029, he will enter in Jupiter Mahadasha for the next 16 years form 2029, so it will be an auspicious period for him, and he will explore more into educational field and will expand his business in education sector too. However, this period of Jupiter may provide him any prolong disease too, so he should need the attention on his health in this period and rest being an entrepreneur, he will be glorified for his invaluable works in future too. Contact the Top Best Jyotish In Noida for solutions to problems associated with health, career, marriage, etc.

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“We wish him a good luck for his success in business and keep on inspiring others with your good works!”

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