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Learn Astrology About Gemini

Understanding Of Gemini Zodiac Sign In Astrology

At the last page, we have learnt about the 2nd zodiac sign i.e. Taurus and came to know multiple astrological facts with reference to Taurus zodiac sign, now proceeding with the further the same level of zodiac series, we will discuss here on this page about Gemini zodiac sign, considered as the 3rd zodiac sign in Vedic Astrology and based on the signification revealed about Gemini Zodiac Sign, you can easily continue your predictive part about Gemini sign in particular birth chart. So let’s just start with our 3rd zodiac sign Gemini to let you understand the true signification of it in Vedic Astrology:

What Is Gemini Zodiac Sign?

Gemini is the third zodiac sign of the zodiac belt in the universe and it varies from 60 degrees to 90 degrees from Vernal Equinox on longitude. Gemini represents the 3rd house too in Kaal Purush Kundali, which is the representor of siblings, efforts & communication in Vedic Astrology. Like other zodiac sign, it also lies in between 30 degrees in longitude. Gemini is the Airy sign and also the Kama sign which shows the efforts or communication side of the person. It is ruled by the planet Mercury, the prince in celestial cabinet, so this sign is very jovial in nature as Mercury inbuilt the traits inside this zodiac sign automatically due to its rulership. Now, as per the tropical side of Astrology or Western Astrology, Sun passes through Gemini Zodiac sign between May 21 to June 20, however, in the sidereal side, it will enter between June 14 to July 14, so it will be the 30 days’ cycle of Sun passing through any zodiac sign. It is the first airy and mutual sign and opposite to Sagittarius.  

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Mythodology For Gemini Zodiac Sign

According to the ancient scriptures and texts, Gemini is the most versatile and vibrant sign among the 12 zodiac signs. Gemini basically is considered to represent the twins Castor and Pollux. The symbol of Gemini is the happy twins, where these twins belong to male & female. They are considered to fly everywhere and spread happiness across the world or between people.

As per the Western astrology, Gemini is originated or associated with two twins, who were Castor and Pollux. Pollux was immortal son of Zeus whereas Castor is mortal son of King Tyndarus. These two were very much identical and people may not be easily recognizing them due to inseparable looks. In battle, Castor was killed and hence Pollux pleaded to Zeus to take him back, however, Zeus put the condition before him, if half of the life they will spend on earth and other half in heaven, then he will immortalize both Castor and Pollux. Since then the Twin divine concept is there and if sailor see two stars together then it is considered the journey would be prosperous while the single one star will come up with bad omen.

Know The Significations Of Gemini Zodiac Sign

Know the different significations of Gemini zodiac sign as per the Vedic Astrology in a simple and easy steps with below points:

Gemini: 21st May to 21st June (According to Western Sun Sign)

Element: Air
Symbol of Gemini sign: The Twins

Represents: Third house of Zodiac in Kaal Purush Kundali

Nature: Dual Sign

Time duration to pass through Gemini by Sun: Approx 30 days

Zodiac Sign ruled by Planet: Mercury

Nakshatra/Constellations comes under Gemini– Mrigshira (23 degree 20 minutes Vrishabh to 6 Degree 40 Minute Gemini), Ardra (6 Degree 40 Minute to 20 Degreee Gemini) and Punarvasu (20 Degreee Mithun to 3 degree 20 minute Cancer), i.e in short, it contains 3rd and 4th padas of Mrigshira, all padas of Ardra and 1st, 2nd and 3rd padas of Punarvasu Nakshtra or Constellation

Exaltation Sign of: No planet gets exalted in Gemini Zodiac sign, but Rahu (The north node of the Moon) is considered to be exalted in Gemini sign

Debilitation Sign of: No planet gets debilitated in Gemini Zodiac sign, however, Ketu (The south node of the Moon gets debilitated in Gemini sign)

Mooltrikone Sign – Not a Mooltrikone Sign for any planet

Quality: Mutable, Dual, Airy, Kama Sign

Lucky Day:  Wednesday
Lucky Gem: Emerald, Agate, Green Onyx

Lucky Color: Green

Lucky Metal: Silver, Gold, Mercury

Ruler: Mercury

Friendly Planet: Mercury, Venus

House of: Efforts, Communication & Siblings

Compatibility: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius

Non-Compatible Signs: Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Lucky Numbers: 5, 3

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Natural Signification Of Gemini Zodiac Sign In Horoscope

Represents – Eloquence, Communication style, Intelligence, efforts, Neighbours

Friendly planets to Gemini– Mercury, Venus

Inimical planets to Gemini–  Moon

Neutral planet –  Jupiter

Body Parts Governed By Gemini In Vedic Astrology

The boy parts ruled by GeminiShoulders, arms, hands

Physical features: height above average, moderate complexion, active and clear speech, long slender hands, Tall and well-formed body, sharp and active eyes, depression near chin, long nose, mole on face, black eyes

Places Or Environment Represented By Gemini Zodiac Sign People

Places where Gemini natives frequently seems to be busy with relatives, business partners, friends, interior things at home and want to update and modern things at home, in case if they are staying rented house, they will definitely want to shift living place to another if will find owner is mean.

Objects (Living or Non-Living)

Flowers: Lily of the valley, Ferns, lavender,

Trees: Mulberries and Hazels


Gemini natives wants to do profession like Agents, Salesman, Commercial Travelers, Accountants, Editors, Journalist, postal employees, professor, photographer, transport, railwys, airways, Cashiers etc.

Some Personal Traits Of Gemini

If Gemini zodiac sign is rising as your ascendant or Moon sign, then you can experience the Gemini traits within you. If it will be in good dignity, then it can help you with originality and intellectual ability, capable or grapping situations on spur of moment and remarkable for ingenuity. You will be bold and will understand truly the human nature. They are human and show some sympathy too. They have business oriented attribute and can handle multiple tasks at one time due to tits dual nature. Brilliants people like poets, orators, writers, musicians are basically born under this zodiac sign. They mainly follow more than one occupation due to their good adaptability and handling of multiple tasks. Gets honour in the society and find interest towards philosophy and religion. As they are very communicative so they are always invited for social gathering.

Talking about the negative traits or getting an affliction over Gemini zodiac sign in horoscope of an individual, then they are indecisive, restlessness, impatience, and have lack of concentration due to indulgence in multiple tasks at one time. Due to dual natured individual, they lack in determination, quick decision and hence they may face continuous misfortune in services. They may face obstacles and losses through females

Disease: Afflicted Gemini zodiac sign may give the issues related to bronchitis, eosinophilia, T.B, colds etc. so take care of your health if you are having this sing as your Ascendant or Moon Sign.

Conclusion So you have now learnt about the 3rd zodiac sign Gemini, which will help you to predict the Gemini sign in any of the birth chart or horoscope, though other important factors will also be taken into the consideration but it is something where you would know the base of zodiac sign what it actually represents in Vedic Astrology, how can we compare it to the whole birth chart will be totally dependent upon its significations. Further, moving ahead with the next zodiac sign i.e. Cancer in our zodiac sign series. So continue with the same, please visit to the next page. Consult reliable Vedic Astrology Services in Delhi for prompt and accurate solutions.

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