Published On : June 12, 2024  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Hanuman Jayanti Puja on 23 April 2024

Pray For Peace And Happiness On Hanuman Jayanti Puja

Hanuman Jayanti Puja on 23 April 2024 is a harbinger of India’s one of the most famous celebratory events dedicated to none other than Lord Hanuman, one of the most endeared and popular divinities in Hindu mythology.

Also called Hanuman Janamotsav, the religious event of Hanuman Jayanti Puja commands immeasurable respect and veneration from the devotees of Lord Hanuman, as He is the symbolic force of courage, bravery, fearlessness and giver of peace, happiness, and abundant wealth.

Devotees from every corner of India pay their respect to Hanuman Ji and ask for protection from evil forces. They observe fast and visit Hanuman temples to seek the divine blessings of the Lord.

Significance of Hanuman Jayanti Puja:

  • Removes obstacles in life
  • Blesses devotees with peace, joy, and wealth
  • Empowers devotees with knowledge, as Hanuman Ji is also considered extremely knowledgeable in Vedas.
  • Hanuman puja with staunch dedication leads to a successful life
  • Protects devotees from evil forces

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