Published On : June 25, 2020  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Shravan Month Shiv Puja

Be Blessed With Happiness On Shravan Month Shiv Puja

Attain Divine Blessing Of Lord Shiva On Sawan Mass: Shravan Month Shiv Puja marks a very auspicious timeline for worshiping the omnipotent divine being Lord Shiva. It helps in attainment of peace and progress in one’s life. As the divine being Shiva symbolizes a destroyer of evil force, thus glory, fame, wealth, and fearless living happens in one’s life, together with positive growth and success in their chosen endeavor.

Shravan Month Shiv Puja 2020 is considered extremely auspicious, as the occasion is mythologically and religiously recommended suitable to conduct the puja of lord Shiva and please him for immediate results, such as an improved spiritual conscience, financial progress, and so forth.

Shravan Month Shiv Puja – Benefits

  • It improves one’s spiritual conscience equalizing it to the status of divine serenity.
  • Permanent removal of malefic energy force from one’s life happens
  • It gives devotee a healing efficacy from countless types of maladies, moderate and terminal in nature.
  • Happiness and peace manifests in one’s troubled marital life.
  • One can attain salvation or Moksha by pleasing lord Shiva with puja on Shravan Month.


Shravan Month Shiv Puja holds its divine magnificence for devotees. The occasion marks beginning of an extremely auspicious time to conduct worship of lord Shiva, the omnipotent divine force of the Trident. It offers benefits to devotees, like peace, progress, success, fearless living, and attainment of salvation.

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