Published On : November 26, 2020  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
2021 New Year Puja On 1 January 2021

2021 New Year Puja – A Festival Of Happy And Successful Life

2021 New Year Puja is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Maa Durga and is therefore, celebrated to attain the blessing of these divine beings to make one’s life happy and successful. Considering Lord Ganesh and Goddess Durga both represent success, growth, fearlessness, and infinite wisdom, worshiping them on 2021 New Year Puja On 1 January 2021 would ostensibly mean to experience the divine privilege of happiness, peace, prosperity and dignified living.

Benefits provided by 2021 New Year Puja:

  • One attains peace of mind or mental tranquillity with New Year 2021 puja.
  • The puja helps attain salvation for the departed souls in a family.
  • Growth in spiritual and intellectual level happens.
  • Places around your residence or office set up get an aura of positivity.
  • One gains solution to planetary doshas or evil force, thus peace settles in life.

You are being encouraged to subscribe to 2021 New Year Puja conducted efficiently by team PavitraJyotish in a way consistent with mythological and rituals of Vedic astrology. After puja is done, you will be offered FREE gifts, such as Kanak Dhara Yantra and Ganesh Locket. They are energized with powerful divine mantras to help you attain peace and prosperity in your chosen endeavour for the year 2021.

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