Published On : October 24, 2020  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Jupiter Transit on 20 November 2020

The Cosmic Traversing Of Jupiter And Its Related Planetary Effects

Analysis by team AstrologerUmesh has come to conclusion that the cosmic traversing of Jupiter from Sagittarius to Capricorn is slated to take place on November 20th 2020, 02:55 pm. The Saturn-ruled Capricorn debilitates Jupiter. The analysis further reveals Jupiter traversing Aquarius and is expected to get retrograded in the air sign.

The planetary consequences of debilitated Jupiter will fall upon various aspects of every Moon sign, regarding their career, business, finance, health, personal life and relationship status.

For instance, cosmic influences of debilitated Jupiter transiting Taurus will deliver a certain degree of impacts on career and business aspects, like some major breakthrough in professional calling or the native’s likelihood of encountering certain challenges, among many things as analyzed to happen in the life of the native.

Conclusively, transiting of debilitated Jupiter (Guru) Transit Capricorn on 20th November 2020 into different zodiac signs will have corresponding planetary impacts in the lives of concerned natives, bringing forth certain developments on the front of their professional and personal lives. 

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