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Experience Marital Bliss With Puja For Marriage

Puja for Marriage or Marriage Puja or Puja For Happy Married Life aims at giving you the solutions to any conflicting issues you may encounter in your congenial relationship. Irrespective of the nature of your marital life due to partner’s volatile behaviors or suspicious activities on your back, our puja for marriage, marriage puja or puja for happy married life can help you get back the sweetness of your lost aroma in your congenial relationship. One of the benefits of puja for marriage is that it puts back peace that was long gone due to strife. Puja for early marriage helps you get your suitable partner to enjoy blissful relationship in future.

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Puja Name: Puja For Marriage, Puja Purpose: Blessing of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, Duration of Puja: 6-8 Hours, Ideal days for worshipping: According to Auspicious Muhurta as required, Activities for Puja For Marriage: Poorvang Karma, Puja of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati (as per auspicious Muhurta), Ashtottara Namavali Path, Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati Stotra path, Homa (Havan) and prayer for Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, Important: We will send Puja Images thru email, Assurance: AstrologerUmesh assure to you best puja according to shastra, Special For You: Special and powerful gift.

As the name suggests of this Puja, it is performed for marriage purpose. If you are getting obstacles in getting married or delay in marriage, then it would be good to perform this puja to receive the positive impacts with respect to marriage, further if you are getting obstacles in your relationship or marital life, then also this puja should be performed without any confusion.

1. Poorvang Karma (Ganesh Pujan, MatraPujan, Abhyudaya, Punyawachan, KalashSthapana, Rakshavidhan, Navgrah Puja).
2. Puja of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati (as per auspicious Muhurta).
3. Ashtottara Namavali Path, Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati Stotra path.
4. Homa (Havan).
5. Prayer and Aarti for Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati.

1. To ease out any planetary transit and malefic planets in your chart releasing its malefic effect on your marriage prospect.
2. To remove hindrances on your way to get married.
3. To get rid of mangalik related Doshas.
4. To pacify gandharva related Doshas in your marriage prospect.

1. Once you have booked the Puja, you will receive a booking confirmation mail.
2. After Confirmation, we will worship (Ritual) for you according to Muhurata.
3. After Puja completion we will send your siddh Yantra (Free Gift) and prasadam thru courier or by post.

1. Special gift as per your problems.

Question 1: Why Puja For Marriage?

Our erudite pundit will perform Puja For Marriage for you in order to provide you fast results with respect to marriage. It will be performed on behalf of you based on the defined procedures in ancient scriptures.

Question 2: Why I am getting delayed marriage?

It will be informed by our expert astrologer after analyzing your birth chart and based on that the Puja will be recommended. In general, it can also be performed if you face hurdles in getting delayed marriage.

Question 3: Why I always get the obstacles in getting married?

If you are finding issues every time in getting married, then it will be the best option to continue with Puja For Marriage.

Question 4: Will you perform it for me only?

Yes, the puja will be performed only for you after taking consideration your planetary alignments in your horoscope.

Question 5: What is the procedure of performing this puja?

Our erudite pundit will perform it by following the procedure of ancient scriptures as defined by our ancient sages with the help of chanting sacred mantras.

Question 6: Will I finally get married?

Yes, by performing this puja, the negative influence will get reduced in life.

As per the Hindu Vedic Scriptures, if you are facing obstacles in getting married, then to pacify the ill effects of malefic combination of planets for you, Puja For Marriage is defined wherein with the help of blessings of Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva, the obstacles will get removed. This process takes 6-8 hours of devotion and includes Lord Shiv and Maa Parvati Stotra Path and Homa as the prominent one to make it complete, thus, any mistake in this process will make your puja ineffective and hence no results will be obtained. Thus, to help you with this puja without any single mistake, we have a verified team of pundits headed by a senior pundit having more than 21+ years of experience as Vedic Priest to ensure that the method is completely following the Vedic texts to make the puja very much effective for you.


Delivery: 7 days According to Muhurta.
The scholars and pundits of AstrologerUmesh have performed your puja according to muhurta, for amazing and miraculous relief from suffering and alleviate your problems.


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