Published On : July 7, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
One Month Shravan Somwar Shiv Puja From 14 July 2022 to 12 August 2022

Shravan Month Somwar Shiv Puja – Experience The Divine Form Of Lord Shiva

Witness Lord Shiva in his divine hues – One Month Shravan Somwar Shiv Puja: The festival of One Month Shravan Somwar Shiv Puja is one of the most famous and religiously-sacred festivals in India, celebrated by the countless staunch devotees of Lord Shiva. The festival has its divine magnificence, considering its association with none other than Lord Shiva, one of the divine beings in the Trinity lords. It is believed that worshipping Lord Shiva on this day earns a devotee many divine privileges, including peace, and good fortunes, in his life. Moreover, the festival of One Month Shravan Somwar Shiv Puja has its reputation for blessing the devotees of Shiva with divine salvation as well. The notability of the festival is that, on this day, the divine grandeur Shiva is at its peak. Therefore, worshipping the lord on this day has its significant values, including the fact that you as a devotee get to experience the removal of temporal suffering and attainment of serenity, peaceful living and prosperity.

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