Published On : February 18, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Gupt Navratri Ashtami Durga Puja On 20 February 2021

Invoke Reverend Mata Durga For Peace And Prosperity

Team Astrologer Umesh wishes for you and your beloved family a prosperous and peaceful festival of Maha Ashtami Durga Puja to be held on 20 February 2021.

This mail serves as an extension of our gratitude to you for being such an esteemed customer to us, and our gracious offering associated with the upcoming Gupt Navratri Ashtami Durga Puja On 20 February 2021. The festival dedicated to Mata Bhagwati is held in the utmost sanctity by countless devotees, thus retaining the divine power of wellbeing and prosperity to be bestowed upon anyone adherent to the festival.

Benefits of Gupt Navratri Ashtami Duga Puja

  1. The festival helps devotees in the attainment of peace and prosperity in their lives.
  2. This festival is specifically helpful to lead any desire into its fruitful result.
  3. Devotees attain the divine blessings of Mata Bhagwati.
  4. One can conquer bad habits and obstacles with the worship of Mata Bhagwati during Gupt Navratri.
  5. It casts great healing effects on the problems related to physical and mental.

Therefore, team AstrologerUmesh, with its abundant resource of erudite pandits familiar with every aspect of rituals of Mata Bhagwati, can be of your use in seeking the divine blessing of Goddess Mata Bhagwati on the occasion of Gupt Navratri Maha Ashtami.

Hindu calendar mentions a yearly occurrence of four Navratri festivals dedicated to the divine being of Mata Durga and her nine reincarnations, while total of ten MahaVidyas are worshipped during Gupt Navratri. The festivity marks an apparent jubilation felt among countless devotees of Mata Durga and they dedicate their devotions to the omnipotent Mata Durga with reverence, worships, and observing fasts along with offering their prayers on Pratyaksha Chaitra Gupt Ashadha, and Pratyaksha Ashwini Gupt Pausha Magha.

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