Published On : June 18, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Ashadha Gupt Navratri From 30 June 2022 to 08 July 2022

Ashadha Gupt Navratri, A Religious Event Of Goddess Durga

Ashadha Gupt Navratri, A Nine-Day Observance Of Worshipping Mata Durga: Ashadha Gupt Navratri is famously known as a religious event dedicated to the goddess, Mata Durga, one of the mightiest divine beings in the Hindu religion. The day is held in great reverence shown to the deity. Countless devotees of the goddess Durga convey their unflinching dedication to her at religious shrines and temples, observing the festival of Ashadha Gupt Navratri with great enthusiasm and veneration. The day of Ashadha Gupt Navratri is also a harbinger of great devotional fervour for the devotees of Mata Durga, considering it is believed that those who offer their prayer and worship to the divine being of Mata Durga on Ashadha Gupt Navratri From 30 June 2022 to 08 July 2022 deserve the attainment of divine salvation, as such prayer fills the heart of Mata Durga with wordless joys. On the day of Ashadha Gupt Navratri, the custom commands to follow the nine-day observance of Mata Durga. This is why the festival is so popular and is celebrated with immense gaiety by staunch devotees of goddess Durga.

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